We use established state-of-the-art technologies

  • 100% in the browser, no cumbersome installations
  • Responsive UI - Use CAM on your mobile device
  • Central data storage & decentralised use
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Cluster capable (fail-safe & scalable)
  • Individual workflows through integrated BPMN designer
  • Enterprise Integration Layer for easier integration into existing IT landscapes (e.g. REST, SOAP, MQ)
  • Open architecture for easy expansion to suit customer needs


We utilize intelligent and AI-supported methods and working practices for our solutions:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    knowledge-based systems, artificial neural networks, case‑based reasoning
  • Data analytics
    statistical analysis procedures, data mining and text mining
  • Workflow management
    fully integrated process designs, process analysis and process refinement, also task management with inboxes, routing and stand-in rules


Our solution integrates numerous information providers and can be connected to peripheral systems, including SAP, exceptionally well. Communication technologies are our routine business.

  • Flexible in operation
    As a cloud solution (software as a service, SaaS) or locally installed
  • Easy deployment
    Docker or Web container
  • Flexible integration into existing IT
    web services/REST, Message-oriented middleware, SAP, LDAP & SSO
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