Uncomplicated and efficient checking of the creditworthiness of companies with software support

With the software CAM Industry & Trade you can comfortably perform creditworthiness checks of companies. Using interfaces to the chosen information providers the necessary creditworthiness and company information is collected (automatically if desired) and is then processed by the system. On the basis of your credit policy as well as your rules and requirements, the software determines a rating and a limit. You thereby obtain a well-founded estimation of the creditworthiness of the respective company.

The collection of the external information takes place in the software, according to your stipulations either manually or partially/fully automated via standardized interfaces. We offer these interfaces to all the common external information sources, from business information agencies to payment record pools and bank reports. We also offer electronic interfaces to the trade credit insurance companies Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes and R+V.

Overview of the available interfaces in CAM Industry & Trade

Everything about company relationships and participation structures

A creditworthiness check is often, however, not enough. You sometimes need to analyse the financial situation of your potential customers more in detail. Our software CAM Industry & Trade offers you the possibility of a comprehensive network analysis. What connections are there between companies? Are the guarantors creditworthy? What about the realizability of the securities?

In CAM Industry & Trade you get all the information on company group structures and participation structures presented in a clear way. All the results of the creditworthiness checks are stored centrally in customer files as well as other credit-relevant information. You can access this central credit file per customerat any time.

More about company group structures in CAM Industry & Trade

The advantages of software for investigating creditworthiness

  • Fast and automated checking of the creditworthiness of companies
  • Electronic interfaces to all the popular business information providers, payment record pools, banks and trade credit insurers
  • Automatic rating and limit calculation
  • Great depth of information
  • Analysis of customer and participation structures
  • Creditworthiness clearly presented and viewable at any time

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The complete process of creditworthiness checking and the entire decision-making process are documented and historized In CAM Industry & Trade and are thereby secure for auditing and comprehensible at any time, for a detailed and reliable analysis on the basis of which you can do business without worries.


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