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Dealing With Financial Statements in Times of Economic Crisis

Find out what effects economic crises have on individual balance sheet ratios and how you should deal with them in the context of the financial statement analysis.
AT 27.03.2023, 14:00 - 15:30

Online Event: Dealing With Financial Statements in Times of Economic Crisis

The economic cycle is repeatedly impacted by crises. For instance, the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine has not only severely affected private households, but also companies are struggling with rising energy costs and the loss of resources.

Just like in all economic activities, crises also leave their mark on companies' annual financial statements. And those who use financial statement analysis as an instrument for checking creditworthiness and granting loans must be able to recognize these traces and interpret them correctly in order to place decisions on a secure basis.

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Our experts Johann Gosniz and Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann will use examples to show you how to recognize and assess the effects of economic developments in balance sheets. You will learn whether and how you need to adapt your balance sheet analysis to meet the new economic conditions in credit assessment and lending. These questions can be answered after the online event:

  • What impact do crises have on individual items and ratios in the financial statements?
  • Which key figures are relevant now?
  • Which ratios need closer attention?
  • Do credit guidelines need to be adjusted?

For Whom Is this Online Event?

The online event is designed for people across all industries who already analyze balance sheets and want to adjust their analysis in the context of crises.

Participation is free of charge.

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Johann Gosniz

Starting as a financial analyst, Johann Gosniz already worked in financial statement analysis at SCHUMANN during his studies. Since his successful master's degree in Management, he has been working as a consultant in the Credit & Surety area and is now acting as the Head of Financial Analysis for the area of financial analysis and the financial analysis software FINOYO.

Head of Financial Analysis, SCHUMANN

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