SCHUMANN extends software at short notice to include functions for liquidity simulation

In view of the liquidity problems being experienced by companies as a result of the current crisis, SCHUMANN has acted quickly to extend, its software as a service (SaaS) solution. The tool for creditworthiness checking can now compile target figures and carry out liquidity simulations. This enables valuable knowledge to be gained about the future financial development of customers or suppliers. The software can be tested free of charge.

The corona crisis already has many companies firmly in its grip and presents a lot of challenges, especially for credit managers. Planning and securing liquidity are now of vital importance. In addition to creditworthiness checks and monitoring of new and existing customers, the SaaS solution from SCHUMANN can now perform liquidity simulations. Users can thus extrapolate the balance sheet data of customers and suppliers using various target figures, thereby obtaining valuable information about the future development of their finances. As the software is cloud-based, it can be put into operation by customers within a very short time. "With these adaptations of our SaaS product we are reacting to the acute needs of our customers and prospective customers", reported Niko Hense, Head of Financial Analysis at SCHUMANN. "In order to secure your own liquidity it is essential to evaluate the economic viability of customers and suppliers correctly. You can only take the necessary measures if you detect the threat of payment difficulties early enough", he added.

Automated simulation of the liquidity of customers and suppliers

Because of the temporary closure of shops and factories and the changes in the behaviour of consumers, many companies are experiencing a sharp decline in turnover. At the same time, however, they need to cover ongoing fixed costs such as rent. These situations are having a negative effect on the solvency of the companies. They do, however, have the possibility to preserve liquidity, e.g. through the sale of receivables or by applying for short-time working benefit for their staff. "All of these processes can easily be simulated with our software extensions. On the basis of the balance sheet data and the extended parameters, the software automatically produces statements about the expected liquidity of the business partner and calculates a balance sheet rating. This enables you to see whether suppliers can deliver reliably and customers are able to pay their invoices", explained Hense.

Ready to use quickly and can be tested free of charge

SCHUMANN offers interested companies the chance to test the software for two weeks without charge and with no commitment. In addition to the new functions, the SaaS solution offers many other possibilities to support risk management systematically. Diverse interfaces to business information providers, sophisticated task management for process support and limit and exposure administration are just a few of these. is ready to use "out-of-the-box" and does not require any IT resources. As a further possibility, the compilation of balance sheets is offered as a service. The experienced balance sheet analysts from SCHUMANN perform the entry of the data into the system, leaving the customer with more time for other activities. After the balance sheet information has been recorded the liquidity simulation can begin immediately.

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