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FINOYO is the lean solution for credit assessment and liquidity forecast - available immediately and without any implementation costs!

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FINOYO is the financial statement analysis software that helps you to accurately evaluate the economic stability of your business partners. FINOYO makes it easy to enter balance sheet data. For an even more detailed picture of the creditworthiness of your customers and suppliers, you can order additional financial information via a variety of interfaces. FINOYO aggregates the individual ratings and makes an overall assessment for you.

Standardized and audit-proof financial statement analysis - including liquidity forecast.

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NEW: Forecast the liquidity of your business partners!

FINOYO helps you to get through these difficult times as safely as possible! The liquidity forecast function allows you to update past balance sheet information and create different scenarios regarding the economic development of your business partners.

Make balance sheets from 2019 usable again and get a reliable assessment of your suppliers' ability to deliver and the solvency of your customers!

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How do declining sales, short-time work or difficulties in procurement affect the liquidity of your customers and suppliers? Simulate the effects in no time with FINOYO!

Balance sheet entry made easy - the choice is yours!

  • Enter balance sheet data by yourself in the clear and intuitive chart of accounts. Up to three reporting periods can be entered simultaneously and efficiently in various accounting standards - including plausibility checks!
  • Import structured balance sheet data in XBRL format or via our interfaces to the Federal Gazette or to ORBIS from Bureau van Dijk.
  • Order FINOYO data entry service. Our experienced analysts will capture the desired balance sheets while you can invest your resources elsewhere. Prices are based on accounting standards and the number of annual financial statements per year.


150 € monthly
FINOYO Business
400 € monthly
FINOYO Enterprise
900 € monthly
Minimum runtime: months121212
Max. number of users41225
Max. number of files50100010.000
Optional: module 'peergroups'250 € monthly
250 € monthly
250 € monthly
Interface Federal Gazette
File management
Max. number of individual account systems1

FINOYO allows you to enter balance sheets in customizable charts of accounts or to completely automate the entry process by using the XBRL format or interfaces to BvD, S&P and the Federal Gazette.

Standardization and revision security in particular offer significant advantages. Save time and benefit from professional balance sheet analysis software!

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You decide which way you want to use FINOYO: as a SaaS solution or hosted in your own data centre!

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