Trade credit insurance is used by companies to protect themselves against the risk of default on payments and to secure their own liquidity. Independently of the specific design of the contracts with the credit insurance company the insurance customer takes on numerous obligations, the fulfilment of which results in considerable work for credit managers.

CAM Industry & Trade enables the credit insurance process to be partially or completely automated and to achieve significant relief of the workload. The making of applications, for example, can take place digitally and the decisions made by the credit insurance company can be passed back to the system automatically. In addition, the software regularly and automatically makes suggestions as to when limits should be reduced or cancelled by your company itself.

The system also supports the meeting of obligations by automatically generating reminders. When payment dates are exceeded, for example, the relevant companies are compiled into a report. You can send this directly, or after processing it, to the credit insurance company automatically. You can also create the necessary reports for the notification of current totals automatically and thus send them to the insurance company with little workload.

If you work with an insurance company that does not offer an interface, in CAM Industry & Trade you can record detailed trade credit insurance data. A universal form offers fields such as credit limit, payment term, insurance number, status, policy excess, cover ratio, discretionary credit limit and notification obligation.

Advantages of integrated trade credit insurance

  • Significantly slimmer processes through reduction of manual and redundant data entry
  • Faster processes through (partially) automated credit limit inquiries and automatic feedback on the cover agreements
  • System-supported processes for the fulfilment of contractual obligations
  • Complete transparency and documentation through historization of the data

Limits and potentials of trade credit insurance in credit management

Among other things, you can read more about the basic types of insurance contracts, the tasks of the policyholder and about the possibilities of IT support in the processing of trade credit insurance contracts.

White paper: Uses and limitations of trade credit insurance in credit management

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