Automated leasing application

The automation of leasing applications enables fast decisions to be made on them. For this purpose, for example, your customer or one of your employees enters an application into an online portal. In the background an automated decision-making process runs, which also decides individually on the information to be utilized. We set up your individual workflows and rules for this decision-making process in advance. Taking into account all relevant information and decision-making criteria, the result is then communicated via the online portal, quickly and reliably.

CAM Financial Services includes the following functions:

  • Automatic collection of information using standard interfaces (API) to information agencies (API-Gateway)
  • Individual rules and workflows
  • Automatic consideration of existing frameworks in decisions on applications is possible
  • Automatic limit revision process when the overall limit of a fleet vehicle customer is insufficient

The advantages

  • Flexibility through simple adaptation and extendability of the evaluation processes
  • Fast automatic decision-making processes with a usual duration (depending on the information product) of between one and ten seconds
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction through immediate decisions
  • Relief from routine activities
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability of the business through fast decisions

KYC and Compliance

For leasing businesses there are specific regulatory standards in the areas of KYC and compliance. In addition to these regulatory necessities, company-internal compliance guidelines must also be observed. This results in the following requirements:

  • Determination of the identity of the contractual partner (leasing customer) before conclusion of contract
  • Determination of the financial beneficiaries
  • Comparison of person and company data with external lists (PEP, AML, CFT)
  • Comparison of person and company data with internal blocklists

Failure to comply with the legal requirements may result in considerable monetary and non-monetary "naming and shaming" sanctions. But the fulfilment of these legal requirements involves a lot of manual checking.

You need to compare the person and company data of your contractual partners with diverse PEP and sanctions lists. The performance of these checks and the results must also be documented and retained for auditing purposes. In addition to the initial checks, ongoing KYC monitoring of the contractual partner is necessary.

The solution

CAM Financial Services supports you in fulfilling the KYC and compliance requirements with automated checking processes. On the basis of external information, the financial beneficiaries are determined automatically and comparisons with lists are carried out. In addition, the KYC risk is determined for each contractual partner. All the checks are documented by the CAM system and historical data is retained for audits.

Learn more about our KYC solutions.

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