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Leasing Software for Automated Decisions on Leasing Applications

Make quick and confident decisions on your leasing applications.

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Sustainable Decisions Thanks to Leasing Software

Our software allows you to automate your leasing decisions while retaining full control of your business.

In addition to the ability to make decisions fully automatically or with any level of manual intervention, you can quickly and easily customise processes, decision rules and other aspects to suit your own needs. The result is fast, secure and documented decisions and the ability to scale your business.

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This is Why You Should Rely on Our Leasing Solution

As a leasing company, you face the challenge of meeting the increasing expectations of your customers. They want immediate decisions, at any time, and on terms they have long known from their private lives: fast, convenient, digital.

In contrast, of course, in an uncertain market environment you need more than ever to assess risks correctly and react appropriately. These reactions sometimes have to be quick and you can't wait until a software developer has time for you. You should be able to do that yourself!

And then there is the " tiresome" topic of compliance - here, too, the requirements are becoming more and more extensive. Here, too, it is important to find a solution that - as far as possible - automatically ensures all the necessary measures. And of course documented, so that there are no unpleasant surprises during audits.

With our credit risk management software CAM Financial Services, we offer you a fully integrable solution for your auditing and decision-making processes that paves the way to growth and success.

CAM in Use at Our Customers

Andrea Conieczny, Team Leader for credit systems and processes at abcfinance GmbH

"We have been using CAM in our company for 15 years. This is our credit risk management software, our heart of credit decisions. It's a central software that we use, where all the logics and processes on credit decisions are implemented."

Inga Oetker, General Manager Credit at DMG MORI Finance GmbH

"With CAM we replaced our old Excel solution and now it's indispensable."

Benefits of CAM Financial Services

  • Fast onboarding of new customers
  • Automated and unique identification of business partners
  • Integrated compliance checks, e.g. on blacklists and sanctions lists, PeP, AMLA checks, economic beneficiary investigations
  • Comprehensive credit risk checks based on internal and external data
  • Ongoing monitoring of existing customers
  • Full integration into your existing system landscape
  • Self-configurable decision models (DMN) and processes (BPMN) based on industry standards
  • Fast, flexible adaptations to market changes and new compliance regulations possible
  • Flexible, rule-based fraud checks
  • Process automation
  • Documented, audit-proof decisions
  • Meaningful reporting and portfolio analyses

What Our Customers Say

"SCHUMANN enables us to make automated credit decisions for non-risk-relevant business within seconds. CAM is the crucial technical prerequisite for the strong expansion of our business volume."
Georg Müller, Managing Director, abcfinance

Areas of Application of Our Leasing Software Solution

Automated Leasing Application

Speed is a competitive advantage. Customers expect quick and comprehensible decisions on their leasing applications. These requirements can only be met if application processes are automated. With the CAM Financial Services leasing management system, leasing applications can be approved within seconds.

Master Data Management

The existence and quality of clean master data form the basis for the success of many downstream processes such as creditworthiness checks or limit determinations. The leasing software CAM Financial Services supports the automated cleansing and enrichment of master data as well as the identification of duplicates in the database and the creation of borrower units.

Risk Monitoring

Even in ongoing business, you need to know whether and how the default risks of lessees are changing. The integrated early warning system provides timely and proactive information about deteriorations in creditworthiness and payment behaviour and enables you to take countermeasures at an early stage.

Credit Risk Management

Before you enter into a transaction with a leesee, his creditworthiness must be determined. With CAM Financial Service, you can bring together all external and internal information relevant to valuation, such as creditworthiness information, results from balance sheet analyses and payment experiences, and process them in a single system.

Reporting and Portfolio Analysis

The CAM Financial Services leasing software enables convenient evaluation of the entire data stock via a wide selection of existing standard reports, which can be flexibly adapted or expanded. They form the ideal data basis for strategic decisions.

KYC and Compliance

With the help of our software for leasing companies, you can easily and efficiently map the specific regulatory requirements in the area of Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance. Automate identification, verification and list reconciliation and ensure security through documentation and historisation of all work steps.

Dunning and Debt Collection

Despite all preventive measures, it happens: Business partners do not meet their receivables on time. In such cases, you must be able to rely on receivables management that keeps the damage as small as possible. Our leasing management software CAM Financial Services enables you to handle the processes securely, highly efficient and yet extremely customer-oriented.

API Gateway to External Service Providers

CAM Financial Services gives you access to data from over 50 credit agencies. Our standard interfaces are easy to integrate into your system environment. You decide which data to use and when – for maximum cost efficiency.

Limit and Present Value Calculation

CAM Financial Services supports the decision-making process for individual contracts, the management of framework limits for lessees (e.g. fleet customers for car leasing or IT leasing) and also the determination of present values through efficient and standardised processes. Multi-level limit decision processes including the integration of all instances (market, back-office) can also be mapped in CAM Financial Services.

Beneficial Owners and Corporate Linkages

Your lessees are sometimes part of complex corporate structures and corporate networks. From a risk perspective, you want to know exactly which connections exist. And from a regulatory point of view, you also need to know the structures and shareholdings. CAM Financial Services automatically determines the beneficial owners and creates risk groups (group of affiliated customers, borrower units).

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When he joined SCHUMANN, Christian Keufner worked on SCHUMANN solutions for financial statement analysis. Meanwhile, he works as Business Development Manager in Financial Services in Leasing and is responsible for sales and marketing.

In addition to his work at SCHUMANN, he also studied the Master of Science "Taxation". As part of his Master of Science "Sustainable Management & Economics", he intensively works on the topics of sustainability and ESG.

Business Development Manager, SCHUMANN

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Leasing System Software

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