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Credit Risk Management Software for Financial Services Providers

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Automate Credit Risk Management

With our credit risk management software, you can assess, control and monitor your credit risks and automate your decision-making processes.

CAM Financial Services helps you to objectively assess, measure and avoid credit risk - and to grow your business.

What is Credit Risk Management?

The credit risk management of banks and financial service providers is about analysing the probability of default of counterparty risks, evaluating them and making decisions based on them.

The financial risk analysis carried out for this purpose results in a rating, whereby the calculation of a rating can differ from bank to bank and from financial service provider to financial service provider depending on the information used and the credit policy.

Why is Credit Risk Management Software Useful to Have?

On the one hand, banks and financial service providers are obliged from a regulatory perspective to carry out effective credit risk management. CAM Financial Services is contributing to this.

Above all, however, our Credit Risk Management Software offers relief in daily business with automatic decision-making processes. It thus supports banks and financial service providers in the complex tasks and decisions in the area of credit risk management through workflow-based credit application processes and, if desired, integrated KYC processes.

Decisions can be made faster, more efficiently and more objectively. Employees are relieved of routine tasks. Thus, CAM Financial Services allows you to access new markets and enables faster revenue growth.

The Special Features of SCHUMANN's Credit Risk Management Software

  • automated and flexible decision making processes
  • fast and comprehensible decision-making
  • fulfilment of KYC and compliance requirements
  • reporting and portfolio analysis
  • 50+ interfaces to external information providers
  • sophisticated master data management

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SCHUMANN is One of the Best Credit Risk Management Software Providers.

With the integrated workflow management, your processes can be mapped 1:1, controlled, checked and flexibly optimised.

The storage of decision rules also enables the automation of tasks or complete processes – just as you wish.

Automation through BPM Software

CAM Financial Services for Strong Revenue Growth

  • Offer your customers the ideal customer experience through decisions within seconds in reliable end-to-end processes.
  • Easily scale your business for 24/7 revenue growth.
  • Gain access to markets that have a low margin and therefore require digital processes, e.g. small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Improve internal cooperation with the back-office department through more transparency for all parties involved.

Credit Risk Managers Benefit from CAM Financial Services

As a credit risk manager, you experience a relief in your daily business. You have to make many credit decisions every day and are permanently under time pressure, but do not want to allow yourself to make any mistakes. CAM Financial Services is your perfect support. You can confidently leave routine tasks to the software and devote your expertise to the more demanding cases.

When working internally with the market division, you can improve understanding through good argumentation and suggestions. Credit risk management tools support the increase of transparency and comprehensibility of decisions, so that your arguments are comprehensible for the sales department.

Credit Risk Management Software for Your Industry

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CAM Financial Services

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