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New Banking Crisis with Impact on Credit Management?

Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse collapsed and were taken over by other banks. What is going on with our banking system and what are the consequences for credit management?

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WOA Online Event: Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in Turbulent Times

In the end of February WOA hosted an online event on the topic of credit risk assessment and insurance in turbulent times. Robert Meters, Director of Global Business at SCHUMANN, attended as speaker. Find out more about credit risk assessment in unpredictable times.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Effects of Inflation on Credit Management

What are consequences of the high inflation rates we are currently facing? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Blog Post, Software Development

Now CAM Supports OIDC for SSO

With OpenID Connect, SCHUMANN provides a single sign-on procedure that enables central authentication and administration of users by a corresponding provider in multiple applications.

Blog Post, Financial Services

Economic Impacts on Credit Risk Management of Leasing and Factoring Companies in Germany

Despite ongoing crises, the German economy recorded growth of 1.9% in 2022. What are the forecasts for 2023 and what impact will it have on the leasing and factoring industry? More in SCHUMANN Business Insights.



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