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Applications in CAM

Digitisation End-to-End.

CAM gives you access to a wide range of modules - for comprehensive digitisation of all processes in credit risk management.

Portal Solutions

Our portal solutions provide our customers and business partners with direct access to manage their agreements and applications.

Management of Interfaces

With the Enterprise Integration Layer, CAM provides the central hub for incoming and outgoing data streams - regardless of the type and source of the data or information.

APIs to Trade Credit Insurance

The tasks associated with the use of trace credit insurance (TCI) create a lot of additional work in business operations. By using CAM, your trade credit insurance processes can be integrated and digitised.


Workflow management in CAM enables you to map and execute business processes simply and automatically - and to adapt them independently.

Company Credit Rating

Get a comprehensive picture of the financial strength of your business partners – right from the beginning and continuously during the business relationship. With CAM, you can perform credit assessments of companies conveniently and automatically.

Compliance & KYC

Find out with whom you are starting to do business and guarantee compliance with your due diligence obligations through a multi-stage and transparent KYC process. With CAM, you achieve seamless auditing and monitoring of new and existing customers.

Credit Limit Checking

Deciding on credit limits is a balancing act: Credit managers want to secure business and support the turnover targets of the company at the same time. CAM automates credit limit checking processes and facilitates decision-making.

Dunning & Debt Collection

Customer loyalty can and must also succeed while securing incoming payments. With CAM, you can respond to your defaulting customers in a highly individualised way - for more success in ensuring incoming payments.

Evaluation of Payment Performance

The most meaningful and up-to-date information about your customers is your own payment experience. With CAM, you leverage them and put your decisions on an even broader information base.

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial statement data is insdispensable information for making sound credit decisions and assessing the creditworthiness of your customers or debtors. CAM offers you the possibility to automatically use the informative value of these key figures for decisions in your credit risk management.

Master Data Management

Results in credit risk management can only be as good as the master data they are based on. With CAM, you ensure that your data is up-to-date, accurate and non-redundant - fully automated.

Monitoring & Early Warning

To ensure your ability to do business, it is extremely important to make reliable risk provisions to minimise default risks. CAM provides you with an early warning system for the automatic detection of deteriorations in creditworthiness.

Reporting & Portfolio Analysis

Make strategic decisions based on comprehensive and up-to-date information. With CAM, necessary data can be determined and prepared at the touch of a button.

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Credit Insurance & Surety Insurance

Innovative technologies for the digital transformation of credit insurance and surety insurance.
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Financial service providers, Leasing, Factoring

Credit risk management software for assessing credit risks and making automated credit decisions.
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With our credit management software for industry, wholesale & energy companies, the digitalisation of credit management in your company is a success.
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