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Automated Customer Financial Statement Analysis

For Comprehensive Credit Ratings.

Financial Statement Analysis

Balance Sheet Data: Indispensable Information

Financial statement data is useful information for making sound credit decisions and assessing the creditworthiness of your customers or debtors.

The financial information contained in annual financial statements provides detailed information about the financial, profitability and asset situation of a company.

Our software solution CAM offers you the possibility to automatically use the informative value of these key figures for decisions in your credit risk management.

Customer Balances Provide Valuable Insights

Companies, banks, financial service providers, insurance companies - every company in the B2B business benefits from the findings of a financial statement analysis.

Valuable and indispensable information can be gained from balance sheets in order to better assess their credit rating and the financial situation.

If the insights gained are combined with the results of company credit ratings and the company's own payment experience, the result is a reliable basis for making credit or limit decisions.

Even Broader Information Base

Interfaces to information service providers available in CAM offer a high degree of connectivity and avoid system and media discontinuities in your credit risk management.

This means that all the information relevant to you can be brought together automatically.

Within the framework of your credit policy, CAM determines a meaningful overall assessment from the respective individual assessments.

Balance Sheet Compilation

Outsource Balance Sheet Compilation

Our services for you: By outsourcing the balance sheet compilation to our experienced analysts you can gain valuable time for other tasks.

Balance Sheet Compilation

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You Are Not Yet Carrying Out Financial Statement Analysis?

The analysis of annual financial statements is indispensable for credit assessments across all sectors.

But what can balance sheet data tell us and what are the limits of their informative value? How are balance sheets prepared for analysis? And what needs to be considered when selecting and evaluating key figures?

Find the answers in our white paper!

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Whitepaper: A Beginner's Guide to Financial Statement Analysis

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Automated Financial Statement Analysis Using Software as a Service

FINOYO is our financial analysis product and can be implemented as a SaaS solution within a very short time. Evaluate the economic stability of your business partners accurately and automatically - without long lead times.

You can test the tool free of charge and without obligation for 14 days!

Customer financial statement analysis with FINOYO

Financial Statement Analysis for Your Industry

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