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Streamline Workflows in Credit Management

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For Optimal Business Processes

The use of workflow management systems in credit management supports compliance with procedures, brings clarity to responsibilities and enables the (partial) automation of processes.

Workflow management as the core of our software solutions enables you to map and execute business processes simply and transparently – and, most importantly, to adapt them independently.

Challenges in Credit Management

In order to perform credit management tasks, a lot of information has to be collected, evaluated and coordinated internally with different departments or externally with service providers such as trade credit insurers.

Work steps are often carried out manually, are not subject to a defined process and are not documented uniformly or at all. These circumstances inevitably lead to intransparency, inefficiency and errors.

Workflow Management Brings Automation

Workflow management systems make workflows visible through modeling. They can be optimised based on the insights gained.

Our software solution offers the possibility to map workflows and decision rules in the system. This creates the basis for being able to automate (partial) processes – across departmental boundaries. All business processes can be adapted flexibly and quickly to new requirements – if you wish, by yourself.

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Workflow Management in CAM

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Benefits of Workflow Management in CAM

  • Easy automation of business processes
  • Simple adaptability of workflows
  • Clarity of workflows
  • Clear responsibilities including deputy regulations
  • Improved cooperation across departmental boundaries

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