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Monitoring & Early Warning

Stay Informed about any Credit Rating Deterioration and Be Able to React Immediately.


Identify Risks Immediately

Companies, banks and financial service providers are frequently exposed to counterparty default risk. Only when default risks and changes in creditworthiness are recognized early enough can necessary measures be taken in time and defaults systematically avoided. With an early warning system, you are able to identify at an early stage whether and with which customers bad debts are to be expected.

Benefits of an Early Warning System

  • Efficiency through automated monitoring
  • Early detection of counterparty risks
  • Reduction of default on payments
  • Cost savings in the use of trade credit insurance

Always Keep an Eye on Counterparty Risks

If the credit rating of a business partner deteriorates, this is an important signal for impending payment delays or even defaults. Monitoring creditworthiness is therefore indispensable for effective credit risk management.

Our credit management software CAM processes all new information from internal and external sources immediately and informs you promptly and proactively when new information is available.

White Paper: Designing Early Warning Systems in Credit Management

An early warning system in credit management automatically signals relevant changes in the creditworthiness of your business partners so that you can counter impending default risks at an early stage and avoid bad debts.

Learn in our white paper what needs to be considered when designing early warning systems.

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White Paper

White Paper: Designing Early Warning Systems in Credit Management

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