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We Take on the Balance Sheet Compilation for You

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Balance Sheet Compilation

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Credit managers and balance sheet analysts know: the compilation of balance sheet data as part of creditworthiness evaluation eats up a big chunk of valuable working time. It doesn't have to be like this in times of digitalization!

By outsourcing the balance sheet compilation to experienced experts you can win back time for more important things. Our specialists have know-how built up over many years and well-founded specialist knowledge. Quality and efficiency are secured by clear processes.

Order the compilation of annual financial reports easily via the ordering module that is fully integrated into our software.

Reasons for Outsourcing Balance Sheet Compilation

  • Relieve the workload of credit and balance sheet analysts
  • High data quality through experienced staff, quality control and efficient processes
  • Secure data transfer
  • Compliance with the legal regulations through watertight documentation and comprehensibility
  • Quicker results for fast decision-making

We Are Your Experts

  • International team with extensive language competence
  • Compilation according to all the common accounting standards and formal compilation guidelines, individually agreed with you if desired
  • Research of annual report information including monitoring
  • Regular consultation workshops with your balance sheet analysts
  • Different service-level agreements including express service
  • Own hotline for your inquiries and questions
  • Comprehensibility and documentation of your orders and the balance sheet data


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Order Balance Sheet Compilation

Easy Placement of Orders

The compilation of annual report data can be ordered easily via the internet and integrated into your analysis system. Order balance sheet compilation easily from within your system, including all relevant information (e.g. urgency, PDF format etc.).

The data transferred is first checked on our compilation system, put together in a structured manner and then delivered back to your system. Questions about individual orders can easily be discussed directly with the responsible member of staff via email or telephone.


SaaS Solution for Financial Statement Analysis: FINOYO

FINOYO is our SaaS solution for digital balance sheet analysis: Evaluate the economic stability of your business partners accurately and automatically.

Financial Statement Analysis

Our Solutions for Automatic Financial Statement Analysis in CAM

CAM offers you the possibility of automatically using the informative value of the financial information contained in annual financial statements for decisions in your credit management.

Use the balance sheets of your business partners for a well-founded and fully comprehensive financial evaluation!

Financial statement analysis with CAM