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Automated Dunning With Our Dunning Management Software

For Customer-Oriented Dunning Processes - Even in Bulk Business.

Dunning Management

Customer-Oriented Dunning?

That's possible! Customer loyalty can and must be achieved, even during the process of obtaining payments. In many cases of delayed payment a solution can quickly be found together with the customer. By performing customer-individual dunning processes business relationships can be sustainably improved.

In the real world and against a background of massive time pressure this may at first seem hardly possible. An individual but at the same time highly efficient dunning process becomes possible through the use of flexible dunning management software.

What is Dunning?

Dunning is a part of receivables management and becomes active as soon as a customer fails to pay an invoice on time. Intelligent dunning processes provide support in securing the liquidity of companies through the administration of payment reminders in the case of overdue invoices.

Here, it is important that dunning runs are designed individually and in a customer-orientated way, even for mass business. The aim is to maintain the customer relationship in the great majority of cases and to improve it wherever possible.

The Digitalization of Dunning Processes Enables...

  • ... their automation or partial automation – you free up resources!
  • ... individual contact with late payers – for an improved business relationship!
  • ... the reduction of defaults on payment – for better cash flow!

This is How Automated Dunning Works in CAM

Our software solution CAM is connected to your accounting system. When an invoice becomes overdue, CAM intervenes to manage the process. The system suggests measures according to your criteria and performs them automatically if desired.

This is made possible by putting individual customers into dunning groups. In this way, each individual customer can be allocated a process with measures such as initiating telephone payment reminders, dunning letters or passing on to a debt collection agency.

And if you wish, you can let CAM perform the measures with partial or full automation.

Benefits of Our Software for Dunning Management

As a customer you can adapt our software for dunning management to your requirements yourself. This allows you to deal with your late-paying customers highly individually – for more success in securing payments.

We are at your side with our experience and expertise to provide advice and support you in designing your dunning processes optimally.

  • Say goodbye to mountains of paper and filing cabinets – and thereby, for example, make working from home a possibility
  • Reduce costs through fully or partially automated processes
  • Minimize the duration of receivables (DSO, days sales outstanding) and payment defaults
  • Implement customer-individual dunning processes
  • Maintain an overview: complete transparency of all measures – end-to-end
  • Find out what is successful and what is not successful in your dunning processes and introduce measures for optimization

Design Dunning Processes Flexibly

All of your dunning procedures can be integrated into CAM as digital processes. Measures such as the initiation of telephone payment reminders, dunning letters and the automated passing on of cases to debt collection agencies can be individually configured and combined – by you yourself.

With the help of our dunning management software, you can use tailor-made procedures to handle your customers individually – and are thereby significantly more successful!

  • Customer-individual or global dunning processes can be configured
  • Support for suggestion-based (AI) or manual dunning procedures
  • Manual, partially or fully automated performance of measures possible
  • Passing on of cases to debt collection agencies via standard interfaces possible – including status reports
  • Storage of individualized documents / templates for correspondence (e.g. dunning letters) possible
  • Automated sending of payment reminders by email possible
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Dunning Management with CAM

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Full Control and Maximum Flexibility!

With CAM you decide which measure for which customer should be carried out when and how!

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