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Software fuer Kautionsversicherungen

CAM Surety Software for surety bond providers

Digital transformation. For surety bond companies on their path to growth.

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High performance technology for growth-oriented surety insurance

CAM Surety Software provides risk assessment, portfolio management and accounting in one system and with one user interface. It supports you in the digitalization of your business across companies – starting with access for customers and brokers via a portal right up to the connection of business partners such as information agencies.

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Innovative software solutions – for 25 years!

We know what matters. If you want to grow, you need future-orientated technologies. Our IT solutions are state-of-the-art and will support you in all areas of your business. With the help of CAM Surety Software, the development of new products and their marketing only takes a fraction of the time needed using conventional methods.

We understand your business.

The surety insurance market as a specialty line is very different from other insurance business such as property-casualty business. The special requirements often cannot be met by standard insurance software.

CAM Surety Software is the ideal software solution for surety bond providers.

Your benefit: Short time-to-market for fast growth. CAM Surety is perfectly tailored to your needs and fulfils the high demands of surety bond providers on IT solutions in every way.

Perfectly suited to the needs of surety bond insurers

CAM Surety enables you to manage all of your surety agreements, including comprehensive documentation of every procedure.

All the partners involved in the process such as clients, other insured parties, brokers, risk carriers, counterparties, guarantors, beneficiaries, fronters and co-insurers can be managed in structured partner files.

The invoicing of premiums and fees including the accounting of services with brokers and other parties involved can be performed automatically in CAM Surety.

With the help of workflow-controlled approval processes and automatic plausibility checks, it is possible to guarantee that the checking and release of contracts is performed in compliance with the regulations at all times.

Your advantages

  • Scalable technology
  • Efficient data streams and clear verification of information for your risk management
  • The software is adaptable for many different bond types, and for different country environments
  • Connectivity of the system
  • Process automation
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Better digital experience for your customers

CAM Surety Software provides everything you need for your business.

Tools for risk assessment

Transaction management for facilities, bonds and single risks

Portal solution for clients and brokers

Business connectivity solutions for the integration of other market participants

Configuration options for product management and process control

Administrative components e.g. for the accounting of transactions

Product information

CAM Surety – the software solution for surety bond providers

Software fuer Kautionsversicherungen

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