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Product Information: CAM Surety

Product Information CAM Surety - the Software for Surety Bond Providers

Perfectly Suited to the Needs of Surety Bond Insurers

CAM Surety enables you to manage all of your surety agreements, including comprehensive documentation of every procedure.

All the partners involved in the process such as clients, other insured parties, brokers, risk carriers, counterparties, guarantors, beneficiaries, fronters and co-insurers can be managed in structured partner files.

The invoicing of premiums and fees including the accounting of services with brokers and other parties involved can be performed automatically in CAM Surety.

With the help of workflow-controlled approval processes and automatic plausibility checks, it is possible to guarantee that the checking and release of contracts is performed in compliance with the regulations at all times.

Your Advantages

  • Scalable technology
  • Efficient data streams and clear verification of information for your risk management
  • The software is adaptable for many different bond types, and for different country environments
  • Connectivity of the system
  • Process automation
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Better digital experience for your customer
Product Information

CAM Surety - the Software for Surety Bond Providers

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