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FINOYO - Financial Analysis Software

The Lean Software Tool for Risk Assessment and Liquidity Preview.


Analyse Financial Statements in the Blink of an Eye

Customer financial statement analysis is a proven technique that helps assess the creditworthiness of companies. When correctly interpreted, financial ratios provide important information about the financial situation.

With FINOYO, the financial analysis software from SCHUMANN, you can accurately and automatically assess the financial stability of your business partners. The automated financial analysis in FINOYO is standardised and audit-proof.

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Benefits of Automated Financial Statement Analysis

  • Replacing manual processes with digital workflows
  • Fast results, secure basis for decision-making
  • Automatically calculated balance sheet scoring
  • Easy-to-read reports at your fingertips
  • Easy compliance with regulatory requirements

For Whom is Automated Financial Statement Analysis of Interest?

For every company, every bank, every financial service provider and every insurance company, the analysis of supplier and customer financial statements provides valuable information when estimating the economic stability and the creditworthiness of your business partners.

Associations and franchise providers also use the financial analysis tool to evaluate their members. The software helps investors and creditors to assess the future profitability and liquidity of companies.

Financial Analysis Software Solution: This Is What FINOYO Offers

  • Manual or automated data import
  • Standardised or customised data input schemes
  • Uniform and secure validation & aggregation of data
  • Standardised or customised scoring methodology
  • Immediate generation of well-structured reports
  • Fast and flexible liquidity forecast
  • Individual key figures and accounting frameworks
  • Analysis of financial statements during the year (quarterly financial statements, BWA)
  • In addition to BWA analysis, calculation of balance sheet ratios can also be performed quickly and easily with the help of sum and balance lists
  • Individual customer support
Product Information

FINOYO Financial Analysis Software

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Price Information FINOYO

from 1.000 € per month

12 months minimum term

max. 25 users
max. 10.000 files

Optional: Module Benchmarks & Peergroups: 400 € per month
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Johann Gosniz

Starting as a financial analyst, Johann Gosniz already worked in financial statement analysis at SCHUMANN during his studies. Since his successful master's degree in Management, he has been working as a consultant in the Credit & Surety area and is now acting as the Head of Financial Analysis for the area of financial analysis and the financial analysis software FINOYO.

Head of Financial Analysis, SCHUMANN

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Financial Analysis Tool with Liquidity Preview

The liquidity preview functions make it possible to extrapolate information from past balance sheets and to simulate various scenarios for the future economic development of your business partners.

How do reductions in turnover, short-time working or difficulties in procurement affect the liquidity of your customers and suppliers?

How Companies Benefit from FINOYO

The possible applications of our financial statement analysis software are as diverse as our client portfolio. A large number of clients already use it to manage their risk efficiently and digitally.

Success Story

Success Stories: This Is What Our Customers Say

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Financial Analysis Made Easy – You Have the Choice!

Record Balance Sheet Data Yourself

Compile financial statement data in clear and intuitively usable compilation schemes easily yourself. Up to three reporting periods can be compiled in parallel, efficiently and according to diverse accounting standards – including plausibility checks!

Import Balance Sheets

Import structured balance sheet data in XBRL format or via our interface to the German Federal Gazette or ORBIS from Bureau van Dijk as well as S&P.

Outsource Balance Sheet Compilation

By outsourcing the balance sheet compilation to our experienced analysts you can gain valuable time for other tasks.

Balance sheet compilation service
CAM Credit & Surety


The lean software solution for credit risk assessment and liquidity forecast.

You Are Not Yet Carrying out Financial Statement Analysis?

Download our white paper and get the answers to the most important questions about financial statement analysis as a risk assessment tool:

  • What can balance sheet data tell us and were are its limits?
  • How are financial statements prepared for analysis?
  • And what must be considered when selecting and evaluating key figures?
Content of white paper
White Paper

Whitepaper: An Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

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