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Customer Portal Software for Risk Management

The direct line to your customers and partners.

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Digital Communication in Real Time

Our portal solutions enable customers and business partners to directly access and manage their agreements and applications. Thus, we offer users a central platform that follows a stringent self-service approach. Depending on the purpose, this means that users can register, upload and download documents, view contract details or even make changes.

In addition, the portal solutions offer the possibility to automate follow-up processes individually. This allows quick and efficient decisions to be made and communicated directly to the business partner.

Such direct digital communication leads to an excellent customer experience and reduces time and costs.

Our portal solutions act as parallel software extensions and have several interfaces. Therefore, an exchange of information with our CAM industry solutions is possible. All information from the connected systems can be automatically transferred and incorporated into the portal solutions.

Onboarding Portal for Your Business Partners

Our onboarding portal offers you the possibility to digitalize and standardize the setting up of business partners. Such business partners often use numerous input channels, which leads to inconsistencies in the storage of data and the necessity of manual intervention. Our solution creates a unified process flow and supports you with a special onboarding portal in your corporate design.

Your Advantages

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Interface connection possible
  • Whitelabel solution for the CI of your company
  • Creation of multiple accounts for your employees possible
  • Digital creation of your business partners
  • Uniform process sequence, and much more.
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Business Partner Onboarding with Our Portal Solution

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Surety Portal for Surety Bonds

The surety portal enables you, as well as your partners and clients to manage surety needs digitally. By providing a digital channel to your clients and partners you can offer digital products and support for their whole lifecycle.

The self-service approach simplifies the workload of your employees and partners. Users can perform recurring activities themselves (e. g. view agreement details, requesting new agreements, download and upload documents, requesting liability releases and other changes) independent of time or location.

Retain your existing customers and attract new ones through digital offerings and permanent availability of your services.

Your Advantages

  • Modern design with intuitive user guidance incl. mobile use
  • Provision of agreement information and documents around the clock
  • Structured entry of agreement applications and automatic transmission to CAM Surety
  • Automatic bond issuance from the portal, if desired
  • Beneficiary search via various information providers and agencies and much more.
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Surety Portal

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