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Business Partner Onboarding Portal Solution

Increased data quality, no media discontinuities and lower costs!

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Efficient and Automated Process Flow with the Business Partner Onboarding Portal Solution

Our Business Partner Onboarding Portal offers you the possibility to digitalize and standardize the setting up of business partners. Such business partners often use numerous input channels, which leads to inconsistencies in the storage of data and the necessity of manual intervention. Our solution creates a unified process flow and supports you with a special onboarding portal in your corporate design.

What is the Business Partner Onboarding Portal?

Our portal software works in parallel with your system landscape and has interfaces enabling it to exchange the business partner data with your IT systems and our existing risk management software CAM Industry & Trade.

What Does the Business Partner Onboarding Portal Enable?

  • Uniform and digital creation of business partners
  • Compliant process flow
  • Individual process requirements are taken into account
  • Registration forms can be prepared by business partners or by your employees
  • Data is automatically integrated into CAM and can be viewed at any time

Your Advantages

  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Interface connection possible
  • Whitelabel solution for the CI of your company
  • Creation of multiple accounts for your employees possible
  • Digital creation of your business partners
  • Uniform process flow
Product Information

Business Partner Onboarding with Our Portal Solution

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Optimise the Onboarding Process of your Business Partners!

Digital and automated with the Business Partner Onboarding Portal.

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