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Company Credit Ratings

Base Your Decisions on the Broadest Possible Information Base.

Credit Rating

How Risky is Doing Business?

Get a comprehensive picture of the financial strength of your business partners with our credit rating software – right from the beginning and continuously during the business relationship.

The creditworthiness of a company is an indication of whether it is able and willing to meet its credit and payment obligations. This definition also applies to private individuals. Creditworthiness can be determined using a wide range of information about the company.

The result of a creditworthiness check in the form of a rating forms the basis, for example, for the setting of credit limits or payment conditions and ultimately for deciding whether the business should take place at all.

A Good Information Basis Leads to Better Decisions. Having the Right Mix of Information is Decisive.

Credit ratings and decision-making processes in CAM are completely documented and historized, and are therefore audit-secure and can be reviewed at any time - for a comprehensive and reliable estimation of creditworthiness on the basis of which you can do business without worries.

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Credit Risk Assessment: Complex and Time Consuming

The route to a reliable and secure assessment of the creditworthiness of companies can be very complex. Among other things, the complexity depends on which information source is to be used for the evaluation of the company: information providers, rating agencies, commercial credit insurance companies, industry membership, banks, balance sheets and also data available internally can all play a part.

The information obtained must be aggregated into an overall evaluation and rating according to the internal credit policy of your own company.

Credit Rating Software: Automation Brings Efficiency

With CAM you can check the creditworthiness of companies easily, with automated processes. Using standardized API interfaces to the desired information providers, the necessary creditworthiness and company information can be collected (automatically if desired) and then processed in the system.

On the basis of your credit policy as well as your rules and stipulations, CAM determines a rating and makes a limit recommendation.

Benefits of Automated Credit Ratings

  • Fast and automated assessment of the creditworthiness of companies
  • Consider all the rating-relevant information in one system
  • Use of standard interfaces for the collection of information from business information providers, payment record pools, banks and credit insurers
  • Fast decisions thanks to highly efficient, automated processes
  • Decisions can be reviewed at any time due to complete documentation and historization of the evaluation process
  • Flexibility through simple adaptation and extension of the evaluation processes
  • Automatic rating and limit calculation
  • Analysis of customer and participation structures
  • Minimization of the default risk

Collect and Manage many Information Easily

The collection of external information takes place in CAM according to your requirements either manually or partially/completely automatically via standardized interfaces.

We offer these interfaces to all the usual external information providers, from business information agencies to payment record pools and bank reports, as well as to credit insurance companies.

Information Agency Interfaces

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Credit Rating Functions in CAM

  • Automatic consideration of internal (e.g. payment records) and external (e.g. creditworthiness reports) information when evaluating creditworthiness
  • Possibility to take into account information from other internal systems (e.g. accounting)
  • 80 different information products from international providers enable a broad information base for evaluation
  • Assessment using standard guidelines or scorecards set up individually
  • Fast integration into your system environment via standard interfaces with support for all the common interface technologies (e.g. web services (REST, SOAP), MQ, CSV)

Seamless Integration of International Credit Agencies

Bundesanzeiger Verlag
Bvd moodys
Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V.
Deutsche Bank
Dun & Bradstreet
Prof. SCHUMANN Analyse GmbH

The Address is the Beginning of Everything.

Assessment of creditworthiness can only be carried out reliably if the data on which it is based is correct. Our master data management software is unique in the industry and supports you in the validation of address data.

Master data management in CAM

Uncover Company Relationships and Participation Structures

Checking creditworthiness becomes even more complex when the company to be evaluated has participations and company group structures. Company relationships are difficult to uncover and especially hard to depict.

Our software CAM offers you the possibility of a comprehensive network analysis: which connections are there between companies? Are the provided guarantors creditworthy? What is the realizability of the collaterals?

You receive all the information on company group and participation structures clearly presented in CAM. All the results of the credit assessment and other creditworthiness relevant information are stored in central customer files, which you can access at any time.

Product Information

Customer Structures in CAM

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