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Key figures in receivables management: This is what matters

Credit and receivables management provide important key figures for the evaluation of your own performance capability. Read here which ones you should know.

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Factoring: Leveraging new technology to enable business growth and enhance resilience globally

Liquidity-preserving financing is the tool of choice for companies aiming at business expansions. In his article for BCR Publishing's trfnews, Robert Meters discusses the tasks factoring companies are faced with.


E-Cautio enters partnership with SCHUMANN

E-Cautio and SCHUMANN enter partnership to offer Surety as a Service Solution for MGAs, insurance companies and banks.

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If it doesn't fit - change it!

Do it yourself! As a user of our software solution CAM, you can make adaptations to meet new requierements quickly and efficiently.

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Automate credit decisions in leasing companies

If the conditions are right, credit decisions in leasing companies, including information gathering, can go through in less than 15 seconds.



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