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How to prepare your risk management for the German Supply Chain Act

The tasks resulting from the Supply Chain Act for companies can only be performed efficiently if established processes are usefully supplemented and IT-supported tools are used effectively.


SCHUMANN holds international Credit Risk Management Conference

Speakers from national and international customer and partner companies will discuss new solutions for digitalization in credit risk management for insurance companies, financial service providers & industrial and trading companies.

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AI in credit risk management – where is it helpful?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning – all these terms have been strongly hyped for some time now. They also awaken the hope that solutions incorporating them can make much better decisions in credit management than previously. Will this make credit managers unnecessary?

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German Supply Chain Act: What will change for companies?

The German Supply Chain Act will come into force on 1st January 2023. Will your company be affected? If so, what does it mean and how do you prepare for it?

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What liquidity developments are to be expected in Germany?

How should the economic and financial situation of companies in Germany be assessed during the corona crisis? And what does this mean for your own customer (and supplier) portfolio?



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