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Success stories

Wilhelm Böllhoff

Efficient credit management can’t be based on gut instinct

The complexity of managing multiple subsidiary companies and a huge customer base requires a centralized system that provides an overview of these customers and reduces the risk of default on invoices.

Semcoglas Holding

Foresight and automation as key success factors

Driven by the increasing number of insolvencies, higher commercial credit insurance premiums and intransparent processes in credit management, the decision was made to adopt a comprehensive IT-supported credit management solution.


Successful international credit management

Three subsidiaries of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Holding already benefit from the support of CAM Financial Services in their international credit management processes.


Fast processes in credit management

Much has changed at HERMA since the introduction of credit management software. These days, the automation means that decisions are made on applications in just a few hours rather than several days as they were in the past.


Automated financial statement analysis for international project and export financing

KfW IPEX-Bank uses the software as a central element in the assessment of international financing projects. It is a comprehensive solution for processing and analyzing annual reports. It is completely integrated into the software framework of KfW IPEX-Bank.



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