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Blog post, Financial Services

Reasons for Entering into Vendor Financing

What are the reasons behind the move into vendor financing? Read here what our colleague Christian Keufner has to say about it.

Blog post, Industry INSIGHTS

Highly Flexible Workflow Engines and Decision-Making Machines as Growth Guarantors

How do workflow engines and decision-making machines influence the receivable finance industry? And which system could support it? Robert Meters gives insights in this article.

Blog post, Credit & Surety

Five Reasons to Use Specialized Software for Surety Bond Business

Why is a specialized software for surety bonding essential? Read here which factors matter.

News, Blog post

SCHUMANN Conference Identifies the Importance of Technology in Understanding Risks and Opportunities

The conference had over a thousand registered attendees from across the world, including representatives and speakers from major companies, platforms and associations such as Allianz Trade, Atradius, Aurubis, BPL Global, CFG Finance, Coface, Ernst & Young, EB Consult, FCI, ICISA, ITFA, km credit consulting, Knauf Interfere, Nexus Europe, Rhenus Assets & Services, TigerRisk Partners, TRUMPF Financial Service, Pernix Speciality, Wilhelm Hoyer and Zurich.

Blog post

MGAs - The Future of Surety and Bond

Which role do MGAs play in the surety bond market? And what is their key to success?



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