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New Banking Crisis with Impact on Credit Management?

Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse collapsed and were taken over by other banks. What is going on with our banking system and what are the consequences for credit management?

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Effects of Inflation on Credit Management

What are consequences of the high inflation rates we are currently facing? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

AI in Credit Management

Where do we have opportunities in credit management to successfully apply artificial intelligence methods? Learn more in SCHUMANN Insights.

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Hedging Credit Risks in Difficult Times

Credit protection is an instrument for reducing the risk of payment defaults. What options do companies have to protect themselves against credit risks?

Schumann Insights, Blog Post, Videos

Effects of Rising Energy Prices for Credit Management

In the current situation of rising energy prices, the energy flat rate and inflation compensation premiums create relief for private individuals. But what does it mean for companies? And what about credit management? Read more about this in SCHUMANN Insights.



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