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How Do Production Relocations Abroad Affect Credit Management?

Currently, there is an intense debate about the danger to Germany from relocating production abroad and the accompanying deindustrialisation. But which consequences does this trend have for credit management? Learn more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights

How Are the Developments in China Influencing Credit Management?

Currently, the dependence of the German economy on the Chinese market is strongly criticised by politicians. China ranks fourth among German export countries. The background to the discussion is the latest developments by the party and the state in China. What impact do these developments have on the credit management of companies? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

How Do Chatbots Like Chat GPTChange Credit Risk Management?

ChatGPT, the AI language model developed by OpenAI, has been a topic of conversation for weeks. Based on patterns and information, ChatGPT can generate human-like answers and texts. Which changes will this bring to credit management in the future? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Blog Post, Schumann Insights

Compliance Forces Action in the Financial Services Industry

Compliance regulations force efficient action, especially in the financial services industry. What exactly should be taken into account? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights

New Banking Crisis with Impact on Credit Management?

Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse collapsed and were taken over by other banks. What is going on with our banking system and what are the consequences for credit management?



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