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Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Development of Insolvencies in Germany in 2024

In 2023, the number of corporate insolvencies rose significantly compared to the previous year. How will insolvencies develop in 2024? What factors are driving insolvencies and how can they be curbed? Read more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Challenges for Credit Management in 2024

The landscape of credit management is facing a significant change. From the effects of the coronavirus pandemic to rising insolvency figures and industry-specific developments. What challenges does 2024 hold for credit management? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Sanctions Lists in Focus: Importance and Procedures

What should be considered with sanctions lists and how can companies proceed with the audit? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Schumann Insights, Blog Post

Insolvency of Real Estate Project Development Companies - Danger of Contagion

In recent weeks, four renowned real estate developers have gone bankrupt. What impact do the construction project insolvencies have on the industry and which players are affected? Find out more in SCHUMANN Insights.

Blog Post, Schumann Insights

How Do Production Relocations Abroad Affect Credit Management?

Currently, there is an intense debate about the danger to Germany from relocating production abroad and the accompanying deindustrialisation. But which consequences does this trend have for credit management? Learn more in SCHUMANN Insights.



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