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SCHUMANN Business Insights, Videos

Success critical factors between sales and credit management

Which aspects have to be considered in particular and how can SCHUMANN support companies in this?

SCHUMANN Business Insights, Videos

The consequences of the current procurement crisis

The implications of the current procurement situation pose enormous challenges for companies. What needs to be considered in credit management and risk management?

Schumann Insights, Videos

The Latest Risks in Credit Management

How have previous developments affected companies in their creditmanagement? And in what way can technology play a key role in this context?

SCHUMANN Business Insights, Videos

The Collaboration between SCHUMANN and Ecclesia Credit

A broker and credit management software? How does that work out? Learn more in SCHUMANN Business Insights.

SCHUMANN Business Insights, Videos

Possible Consequences of an Energy Embargo

What are the consequences in the event of an energy embargo? How can companies take action and can SCHUMANN support them?



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