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Integrating Networks, Financial Products, and IT in the Digital Finance Era

Currently, the financial sector is undergoing a significant digital transformation. What opportunities will arise? Robert Meters, Director of Global Business at SCHUMANN, explains the opportunities offered by the digital transformation in this article.

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HSBC Benefits from IT Solutions

HSBC has received the Euromoney Award as "The World's Best Bank for Trade Finance". What success factors led HSBC in receivables finance to an award winner? Learn more in the interview with Robert Meters and John Beaney.

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Credit Decision Engines as a Global Growth Engine

Credit decision machines promote global growth. Learn more about the associated factors in this article.

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WOA Online Event: Credit Risk Assessment and Insurance in Turbulent Times

In the end of February WOA hosted an online event on the topic of credit risk assessment and insurance in turbulent times. Robert Meters, Director of Global Business at SCHUMANN, attended as speaker. Find out more about credit risk assessment in unpredictable times.

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Highly Flexible Workflow Engines and Decision-Making Machines as Growth Guarantors

How do workflow engines and decision-making machines influence the receivable finance industry? And which system could support it? Robert Meters gives insights in this article.



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