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From XPS to DMN: A Turning Point in the Decision-Making Process after 25 Years of Innovation

After 25 years, SCHUMANN is changing from XPS to DMN and thus continuing its tradition of innovation. This move represents a decisive turning point in the decision-making process. Read in this blog article how this strategic change not only redefines the landscape of risk evaluation but also opens the door to increased transparency, efficiency and future-readiness.

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Contradictions in the Labour Market?

Learn more about the causes of the current job losses on the labour market. Which sectors are particularly affected and what effects could follow? Read more in the new issue of SCHUMANN Insights.

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Interview with Johannes Krauß, the New Managing Director of TRUMPF Bank

Discover in our latest blog post how Johannes Krauß sheds light on the current economic challenges for captives. Learn more about the strategies for overcoming these challenges and find out how companies can position for the future.

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Non-Payment Insurance as a Key Pillar of the Financial Industry

What is the significance of non-payment insurance for the financial sector? Robert Meters, Director of Global Business at SCHUMANN, talked with Carol Searle and Simon Bessant fromTexel Finance about the value of the non-payment insurance.

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Development of Insolvencies in Germany in 2024

In 2023, the number of corporate insolvencies rose significantly compared to the previous year. How will insolvencies develop in 2024? What factors are driving insolvencies and how can they be curbed? Read more in SCHUMANN Insights.

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