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Automated Leasing Applications

Software for Fast and Secure Decisions: CAM Financial Services

Credit Limit Checking

Process Leasing Applications Digitally and End-to-End

The automated leasing application enables credit decisions within the shortest possible time.

You benefit from scaling your business while not only meeting but exceeding your prospects' and customers' expectations for a digital customer journey and fast credit decision.

Automated Leasing Application: Possible Procedure

  1. Your customer enters the enquiry in an online portal. All the relevant information is requested directly when the request is entered.
  2. An automated decision-making process is triggered in the background.
  3. Your individual specifications and workflows for this decision-making process were already stored in the system in advance. During the process, for example, the external information needed to make a reliable decision is automatically included.
  4. The decision on the leasing application is sent back to your prospect or customer via the online portal.

Leasing Applications in Our Software CAM Financial Services

How exactly a leasing application is mapped in the software is, of course, up to you. We will be happy to support and advise you in optimising your processes - take advantage of our expertise!

Benefits of Our Software for Digital Leasing Application Processes

  • Flexibility through simple adaptation and extension of the evaluation processes
  • Fast, automatic decision-making processes with a typical duration (depending on the information product) of between 1 and 10 seconds
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction through immediate agreement
  • Relief from routine work
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability of the business through fast decisions – fast revenue growth

Selection of Functions in CAM Financial Services

  • Automatic collection of information via standard interfaces (API) to information providers (API gateway)
  • Individual rules and workflows
  • Automatic consideration of existing frameworks in application decisions is possible
  • Automatic limit revision process if the total limit for a fleet customer is insufficient

Leasing System Software

Our IT-Solution for Leasing Companies

Immediate and secure decisions as well as the scaling of your business through process automation - this is what CAM Financial Services, our software solution for leasing companies, offers.

Lease Management Software