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Credit management software for industrial, energy and wholesale companies

Lean processes and better decisions.

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Credit Management End-to-end

With our credit management software, you can manage your credit risks efficiently and reliably. Our system covers all the relevant processes to achieve your earnings and liquidity targets – from creditworthiness evaluation and commercial credit insurance to receivables management.

Maintain an overview of every customer and your entire portfolio with the decisioning software CAM Industry & Trade.

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What is credit management?

Credit management is concerned with all the operational processes in connection with customer receivables. Its purpose is to identify the risks resulting from the allocation of supplier credit and to take measures to minimize or insure them. The aim is to improve the liquidity situation of the company and to limit any possible damage before it takes place.

In addition, credit managers are important partners for the Sales Department as they provide a reliable basis of data for interactions with customers. The integration of new customers is also significantly quicker with a clearly defined and IT-supported credit management process.

Decision-making software: What are the tasks in credit management?

  • Establishing and monitoring compliance with the company's credit policy
  • Checking, evaluating and monitoring creditworthiness
  • Facilitating and making decisions on credit limits
  • Aggregating the credit risks into risk groups
  • Safeguarding against the risk of late payment and default

Advantages of the credit management software CAM Industry & Trade

  • You know your risks at all times. This puts you in a position to initiate the right avoidance strategies and safeguarding measures at the right time.
  • Your credit management becomes more efficient. Because they are relieved from routine work, credit managers can use their expertise for more value-creating activities.
  • The automation of (part) processes enables fast and secure limit decisions.
  • CAM Industry & Trade provides full transparency and the comprehensibility of all decisions.
  • Portfolio analyses are available at the press of a button – for a constant overview
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Efficient credit management with CAM Industry & Trade

Who needs credit management tools?

Unpaid customer invoices have a direct effect on the liquidity of companies and can even threaten their solvency. For this reason, tools for credit management are an important success factor, with which default risks can be recognized at an early stage and default on receivables can be reduced.

Who estimates whether a new customer will still be solvent next month? Who evaluates the liquidity of existing customers? These tiresome tasks are performed by credit managers through time-consuming research. They check the creditworthiness of customers, collect all the information on payment history and evaluate it.

Creditworthiness evaluation software provides relief. It supports credit management departments with the diverse tasks and decisions through automated, workflow-based limit allocation. This enables the monitoring of creditworthiness and the creation of credit-allocation guidelines to be mastered efficiently.

Features of our credit management software

CAM Industry & Trade

SCHUMANN is one of the best decisioning software companies. With the credit management software CAM Industry & Trade SCHUMANN offers a tool in which all processes of your credit management come together.

This is how credit managers benefit from CAM Industry & Trade

As a credit manager you experience relief in your daily work, which is often dominated by mass business. To allocate a high number of small credit amounts requires technical support in order to process these cases quickly but nevertheless adequately. Conversely, you can use the time you gain to consider important or critical individual cases.

In cooperation with the Sales Department you can improve communication and understanding through good argumentation and suggestions for possible solutions. Credit management tools help to increase the transparency and comprehensibility of decisions, so that your arguments are taken more seriously by your sales staff.

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Invest in the future now and digitize your credit management!

Leading industrial and trading companies trust our credit management software

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