In B2B business relationships, companies frequently provide supplier credit, exposing them to counterparty default risk. Only when default risks and changes in creditworthiness are recognized early enough can necessary measures be taken in time and defaults systematically avoided. The quality of an early-warning system determines its success. Carefully selected key figures and indicators are the most important precondition for an effective monitoring. Modern credit management software carries out continuous monitoring of all existing customers automatically.

In the credit management software CAM Industry & Trade all new information from internal and external sources is processed immediately within the framework of monitoring. The integrated task system informs you immediately when new information becomes available. You thereby obtain an automated early-warning system that reacts immediately when there are changes to the creditworthiness of a company.

Benefits of an early-warning system in credit management

  • Efficiency through automation of monitoring
  • Early detection of default risks
  • Reduction of default on payments
  • Cost savings in the use of trade credit insurance

Find out more here:

White paper on designing early-warning systems for credit management

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