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Careers at SCHUMANN

Explore your opportunities in a growing, family-friendly company.

We should get to know each other!

We offer diverse and individually arrangeable development opportunities for every employee. It is particularly important for us to have sufficient freedom for independent development without rigid structures. Our interaction with each other is open, friendly and uncomplicated.

We are looking for...

...software developers, consultants, administrative employees, IT-specialists and sales managers.

Young professionals welcome!

We offer a wide range of entry opportunities for graduates and dropouts. Find out more here!


Don't hesitate to ask!

Angelika Rippel, our Human Resources Manager, will be happy to answer you.

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Training at SCHUMANN

We train - despite Corona!

We are looking for IT specialists for application development and IT specialists for data and process analysis for 2022.

We also offer a dual study programme in Business Information Systems together with the PFH Göttingen.


What we offer you


To ensure a successful start at SCHUMANN, all new colleagues receive an individual induction plan and are immediately integrated into a project team. We live training on the job“, you get to know concrete tasks in the project and also receive internal training. A personal mentor is available for any queries.


Especially for young families, the compatibility of family and career is a huge challenge. SCHUMANN offers every conceivable possibility, compatible with the customer projects, to master this challenge happily.

Flexible working hours

Working hours at SCHUMANN are generally flexible. However, the staff members of a project coordinate with each other. For group meetings, attendance is required. Otherwise, the coordination within the team and the availability for the clients is decisive.

Openness with each other

At SCHUMANN, open and fact-oriented interaction with each other is required and encouraged. This is important for the demanding topics in order to achieve excellent performance. We are critical of ourselves. We are all constantly searching for even better solutions. This shapes us and our interaction with each other.

Training and knowledge transfer

Internal training is a top priority at SCHUMANN. Within the projects, knowledge is placed on as broad a basis as possible. There is a company-wide exchange of experience on specialist topics as well as targeted know-how transfer of special knowledge to individuals. Targeted external training measures help our employees keep their knowledge up to date.


At peak times, a very high level of concentration and also extra work can be necessary to lead a project to success and to satisfy the customer. To avoid excessive workloads for individual colleagues, we address this point openly in the regular staff reviews. If desired, we offer working contracts with reduced weekly hours or other suitable individual agreements.

What our employees say about SCHUMANN

Lars Daemelt web

Lars Daemelt

Senior Software Developer

"I have been with SCHUMANN for more than 10 years now and in that time I have developed from assistant in consulting to press officer and finally to team leader of our marketing department. SCHUMANN allowed me to move away from Göttingen early on for personal reasons and work remotely from Leipzig. That was a great leap of faith, which I still appreciate today. Basically, I particularly like the diversity of my tasks here and the opportunity to advance topics independently."

Nina Merz web

Nina Merz

Senior Consultant as Project Manager

"After my diploma studies in mathematics, I was privately drawn to Göttingen. I wanted a job, preferably as a programmer. At that time, I would not have thought that eight years later, as a project manager and solution architect, I would not only look back on many successful IT projects - none like the other - but much more forward: at SCHUMANN, I have the unique opportunity to actively participate in the agile transformation of our company. No matter what the future brings, I know that together with my Scrum team we will master every challenge."

Erik Parusel web

Erik Parusel


"At SCHUMANN, I particularly appreciate that I can actively participate at any time in how I develop and which tasks I take on. In the team, we look together at who would like to contribute or develop in which areas and who is satisfied with their current tasks. There is a high level of appreciation from all levels, because everyone benefits when colleagues enjoy their work. So, on the one hand, after my Master's degree in business administration, I felt immediately at ease and at the same time I was able to take on tasks independently at an early stage. I now manage my own customer projects and have also gained a lot of expertise and experience in the technical area."

Jan Torben Schwager web

Jan-Torben Schwager

Member of Executive Board

"I worked at SCHUMANN while I was still studying business informatics at the University of Göttingen. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to stay here after graduation and make a career for myself. Over time, I progressed from being a consultant in charge of projects to deputy group leader, took over as head of product management, became division manager and finally a member of the management board. Every day brings something new here, I love the variety and dealing with customers. We are constantly growing and face new challenges every day, but we always solve them successfully together as a team."


SCHUMANN is a market-leading consulting and software company. We specialise in innovative solutions in credit risk management. This is so exciting because our customers are well-known major companies in Germany, Europe and the world – from wholesale and industry, insurance companies, leasing and factoring companies. We talk to senior management and advise global companies on the implementation of digital solutions.

Career with SCHUMANN

What we expect

We expect personal commitment and enjoyment of success. Tell us how you would like to work and what is important to you. What do you burn for? How much responsibility do you dare to take on? Do you like to be in the limelight or do you prefer to develop innovative solutions behind the scenes? Tell us about yourself. That way we can find a job together where you can develop to your full potential.

Show us that you are the right person for us by submitting a convincing application. But even if your CV is not straightforward: Interesting personalities contribute to the success of SCHUMANN.

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