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Early warning systems in credit monitoring

Free white paper: Designing early warning systems in credit management for more protection against payment defaults.

Identify impending payment defaults in time

How does a company recognize at an early stage whether and for which customers payment defaults are to be expected?

In order to ensure its own future viability, it is extremely important, especially in volatile times like these, to operate a comprehensive and reliable risk provisioning system to minimize default risks.

Keep an eye on all creditworthiness relevant changes in credit management with automatic monitoring.

The early warning system automatically signals relevant changes in the creditworthiness of your existing customers so that you can counter imminent default risks at an early stage.

Advantages of an early warning system in credit monitoring

  • Efficiency through automation of monitoring
  • Early recognition of default risks
  • Reduction of bad debt losses
  • Cost savings in the use of trade credit insurance
White paper

Whitepaper: Designing early warning systems in credit management