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Sales Management Made Easy

Generate more Turnover with the "Right" Customers.

Successful sales

How to Make Your Sales Activities Even More Successful

Long-term success in acquiring new business depends to a great extent on gaining the right customers - the ones with strong liquidity. With our high-quality credit management software, it is possible to check and evaluate potential customers within a very short time.

For fast onboarding and long-term business relationships!

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Simple Customer Onboarding

Using our web-based portal, interested potential customers can upload and submit the necessary information and documents themselves. The forms needed for this will be configured exactly according to your wishes and can be set up in multiple languages. After successful registration, a credit file is automatically created in CAM and risk evaluation is started. The results of the checks are communicated to you and your potential customer as soon as they are available.

Checking Process in Real Time

You think that creditworthiness checks and KYC processes take too long? Do your prospective customers sometimes decide to go elsewhere before these checks are finished? With our software solution CAM Industry & Trade this will change. The tool supports you in the fast performance of all the checking procedures and ensures that, at least from this perspective, nothing stands in the way of taking on the new customer.

Get The "Right" Customers

You know from experience: a customer who initially seems very promising can develop into a nightmare if he does not pay punctually or defaults completely. You can avoid this. If you know enough about him, you can make a much better estimation of his financial situation, both before and during your business relationship!

Simple Limit Applications

Do you find the process of agreeing on customers with the Credit Managers at your company laborious and inefficient? With CAM Industry & Trade limit applications will be simpler than ever. And you will make decisions faster than ever!

Have an Influence

You know your customers and potential customers well. This is valuable information for your company! Existing knowledge should be integrated into evaluations in a structured way and taken into account when finally making decisions on customers. For an even better evaluation!

Optimal Basis for Negotiation

The better you know the financial situation of your customers and potential customers, the more targeted you can be in your price negotiations. Use the available information to your advantage!

Achieve Customer Loyalty

Communicate with your customers highly individually even in difficult times. Has a customer failed to pay on time? The system lets you know before an automatic payment reminder is created - and lets you pick up the telephone as the first move. This makes business relationships sustainable!

Always in View

The reporting in CAM Industry & Trade offers comprehensive possibilities for analysis. This enables you to keep every individual customer and the entire portfolio in view at all times, manage it effectively and plan it strategically! The information you gain also supports you internally by providing you with argumentation.

The Booster for Your Sales

If you want to increase your market share, you need to be accurately informed. Extensive knowledge of your customers and prospective customers gives you the decisive advantage!

CAM Industry & Trade: The Software Solution for More Success