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SCHUMANN Konferenz

SCHUMANN Digital Credit Risk Management Conference

The industry event for all credit & risk managers!

This is how the SCHUMANN Conference 2021 was

On a German and an English channel, participants received first-hand insights that will help them to advance digitalisation and automation in their credit risk management.

The following questions were answered

  • What new technologies are there?
  • How can you put the digitalization strategy of your company into practice?
  • Which methods and techniques have insurance companies, providers of financial services and industrial and trading companies been using during the corona pandemic?

EXPO: Get to know our range of products & services

With our EXPO, parallel to the conference, we offerd the opportunity to get to know our products, special functionalities of our software and technologies in short breakout sessions.

All information and the possibility to register for it is available here:

Among other clients, Georg Müller from abcfinance, will share his expertise with you

Renowned and experienced

Our speakers are experts in their field and shared their expertise with you!

Partners and participants of the SCHUMANN Conference 2021