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EXPO - Get to Know Our Products & Services!

As part of our SCHUMANN Digital Credit Risk Management Conference 2022, we offer you the opportunity to get to know our products, special functionalities of our software and technologies in more detail at our EXPO.

CAM Surety: One Application with Several Use Cases from Insurer to MGAs

Product Information

Regardless of whether you are a surety carrier or managing general agent - with CAM Surety you can rely on a flexible software of the shelf which not only enables you to manage your contracts, but also supports you in assessing your risks and offers numerous configuration options.

Lara Biermann

As a Sales Manager at SCHUMANN Lara Biermann is advising and supporting international credit risk insurer and surety bond provider in digitizing and automating their risk and business process management. She studied business administration focused on finance, accounting and taxes and supervises international credit and surety insurance companies while implementing CAM Credit & Surety.

Sales Manager, SCHUMANN

Lara Biermann q

Digitize Underwriting for Credit Insurance

Product Information

CAM Credit is the off-the-shelf software product that enables you to underwrite your risks easily. It allows you to use automation but keeps you in control on how you manage your business processes. Your customer will benefit from quicker decisions. Your business will save time and reduce costs.

Marcel Hagen

As a Product Owner, the studied business administrator is responsible for the product CAM Credit in the department Credit & Surety at SCHUMANN.

Product Owner, SCHUMANN

Hagen Marcel

CAM Surety Capabilities - Digitize Your Bond Management

Product Information

The Surety bond business as a specialty line differs significantly form other insurance business. Only a highly specialized software can meet the challenges of this market and enable you to achieve maximum success.

In this session, we will outline how the CAM Surety Solution covers the specifics of the market and supports you in your daily business.

Miriam Löffler

As a product owner, the studied business administrator is responsible for the development of the standard software CAM Surety. With their work, she and her team, design the software to sustain the processes in your daily business and proactively involve you as a driving force – with focus on our product to enable success!

Product Owner Credit & Surety, SCHUMANN

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Bond Management during the Entire Life Cycle of a Surety Bond

Product Information

The work is not done with the issuance of a surety bond. Analogous to the projects that are secured by a surety bond, the bonds also go through different phases and must adapt accordingly in the design of the conditions. With a large and constantly growing number of contracts, it is difficult to keep track and make adjustments in time. This presentation will show how CAM Surety's contract management can accompany and manage the entire life cycle of a surety bond.

Jonas Schnieders

Jonas Schnieders studied Information Systems (M.Sc.) and is active in the business unit Credit & Surety. As a business analyst, he is responsible for the development of the standard software CAM Surety.

Business Analyst, SCHUMANN

Schnieders Jonas

Digitalize Your Surety Customer Journey - Benefits of Using the SCHUMANN Surety Portal

Product Information

Digitalizing the user experience of your surety customers and partners can have great implications for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your surety operations, strengthen your market position and customer satisfaction. With the SCHUMANN Surety Portal, we provide you an intuitive, fast, reliable and future-proof way of doing business. In this session we show you within a live demo how the SCHUMANN Surety Portal enables you to support digital products in their whole lifecycle, reduce your workload and provide users self-services.

Albert Torno

As product owner, the graduate in business information systems is responsible for the development of the Surety Portal. In interaction with CAM Surety, the Surety Portal enables us to digitalize and automate the processing of the surety business for our customers and the parties involved.

Product Owner Surety Portal, SCHUMANN

Torno Albert