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Why you should rely on our factoring software

As a factoring provider, you face the challenge of meeting the increasing expectations of customers in terms of smart application and fast feedback.

In addition, you can only meet an increasing demand for factoring services if you can scale your offering. Manual processes are no longer economical as the number of clients increases.

And of course, in an uncertain market environment, you are more dependent than ever on correctly assessing risks and reacting appropriately to them.

With CAM Financial Services for factoring providers, you receive a fully integrable software solution that paves the way to growth and success – and fully complies with regulatory requirements.

Product information

CAM: Your factoring software solution

Advantages of the factoring software CAM Financial Services

  • Fast onboarding of customers
  • Automatic identification of factoring customers and buyers
  • Comprehensive credit risk ratings and early warnings based on all relevant data
  • Full integration, thus end-to-end mapping of your processes
  • Configurable process automation that enables fast reactions to market changes
  • Immediately available portfolio analyses
"SCHUMANN enables us to make automated credit decisions for non-risk-relevant business within seconds. CAM is the crucial technical prerequisite for the strong expansion of our business volume."
Georg Müller, Managing Director, abcfinance

Areas of application of our software for factoring companies

Automated application processes

Today's customers expect to be able to place applications easily and online and to receive quick and comprehensible decisions. This puts a lot of pressure on factoring providers, which can be exacerbated by low margins.

The CAM Financial Services factoring software enables the automation of the complete application process and thus the quick decision of purchase limits or purchase of receivables.

Master data management

Error-free and complete master data form the necessary basis for the correct assessment of risks, because subsequent processes such as creditworthiness checks, limit enquiries, receivables management and KYC processes can only run without errors if the underlying database is sufficiently good.

CAM Financial Services eliminates duplicates, validates, cleans, supplements and consolidates data and enables clear identification of your customers and buyers.

Credit risk and limit management

In order to reduce the risk of bad debts in the purchased portfolio to a necessary level, the creditworthiness of the buyers must be determined and continuously monitored before the purchase. In addition, when using trade credit insurance, policies must be implemented efficiently and correctly and limits must be adjusted quickly if necessary.

With the CAM Financial Services factoring software, you can include and process all relevant information such as creditworthiness information, results from balance sheet analyses and payment experiences via interfaces.

Early warning

Our factoring software is a highly efficient tool for the continuous monitoring of credit risks. Among other things, it supports you in monitoring creditworthiness and continuously monitors payment behaviour. The factoring system determines the probability of default of buyers and informs you proactively and at an early stage about deteriorations in creditworthiness or payment difficulties.

Reporting and portfolio analysis

In order to always have an overview of the factoring portfolio and to manage it sensibly, you need the possibility to comprehensively prepare and evaluate existing data.

With CAM Financial Services, the evaluation of the entire data stock is possible via a wide selection of existing standard reports as well as via individual analysis options.

KYC and compliance

With the help of our software for factoring companies, you can easily and efficiently map the specific regulatory requirements in the area of Know Your Customer (KYC) and compliance. Automate identification, verification and list reconciliation and ensure security through documentation and historisation of all work steps.

Dunning and debt collection

In the event of payment delays or defaults, an intelligent dunning and collection system ensures that the necessary processes run efficiently and automatically, while remaining customer-oriented and individual – even in bulk business.

The factoring software CAM Financial Services supports your receivables management effectively.

API Gateway to external service providers

CAM Financial Services gives you access to over 50 credit agencies and trade credit insurers through available standard interfaces.

Our standard interfaces are easy to integrate into your system environment. You decide which data to use and when – for maximum cost efficiency.

Beneficial owners and corporate linkages

Your customers and buyers are sometimes part of complex corporate structures and corporate networks. From a risk perspective, you want to know exactly which connections exist.

And from a regulatory point of view, you also need to know the structures and shareholdings. CAM Financial Services automatically determines the beneficial owners and creates risk groups (group of affiliated customers, borrower units).

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Invest in the future now and digitise your factoring risk management!

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