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Automated Financial Statement Analysis for International Project and Export Financing

KfW IPEX-Bank uses the software as a central element in the assessment of international financing projects. It is a comprehensive solution for processing and analyzing annual reports. It is completely integrated into the software framework of KfW IPEX-Bank.


Credit Risk Management at IGEPA

Companies in the IGEPA group use the CAM Industry & Trade credit management software. Today their customers are comprehensively monitored, reducing the number of credit defaults.


Aiming High in Credit Management

High turnovers with just a few customers – this describes the credit management situation at the German company AVIA Mineralöl-AG. Thanks to the use of the software for annual report analysis ‚CAM Industry & Trade‘, AVIA now has all its customer information centralized in one system.


Successful Credit Management Offers Improved Financial Results

hagebau head office is cooperating with SCHUMANN, one of the leading suppliers of credit management solutions, and is now able to offer its members an efficient and inexpensive way of improving their financi


Always „in the Know“ About Risks – KOMSA AG Reduces Bad Debts

The implementation of the CAM Industry & Trade software has not only automated manual and time-consuming processes, but also supports the decision-making of limit and credit approval thanks to external information. This has enabled KOMSA AG to significantly reduce bad debt losses.

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