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Automate credit decisions in leasing companies

If the conditions are right, credit decisions in leasing companies, including information gathering, can go through in less than 15 seconds.
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13.04.2021, Robert Meters

Challenges for the leasing industry

Leasing providers are facing challenges from various sides. The market sets the pace: Today, customers expect immediate decisions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, they want business to be conducted in the way they have long been used to in their private lives: digitally, quickly and conveniently.

FinTechs and BigTechs create additional digitisation pressure, because they come to the market with digital and thus competitive products.

But internal reasons also create the desire and the need for changed, more productive processes. If you want to scale up the volume of business while using the same amount of resources, you inevitably have to increase efficiency in the company. On the cost side, information and process costs are to be reduced.

Process automation is the key to success

The technology-supported automation of workflows and decisions is also at the top of the agenda in the credit risk management departments of leasing companies. And rightly so, because it makes it possible,

  • to complete tasks significantly faster
  • to objectify decisions
  • relieve employees of routine work
  • to select particularly risk-relevant special cases for intensive, manual processing

Use Case: Automated, quick financing decision

Let's assume your leasing company operates internationally in the B2B segment. You offer various leasing objects that can be requested and configured by interested parties via a portal solution. When placing the enquiry, the interested party is asked to enter master data.

Implementation in integrated credit risk management software

1) Your customer portal is connected to the credit risk software via technical interfaces.
All customer master data and decision-relevant information that your prospect enters in the portal runs directly into the credit risk application.

2) The credit risk software is embedded in your IT landscape (CRM, ERP) and connected to credit agencies and data suppliers specified by you.

This allows the following steps to be carried out automatically:

  • Identification
  • Customer portfolio reconciliation and enrichment of customer master datac.
  • Obtaining information relevant to decision-making (credit reports, KYC check)
  • Credit decision on the basis of customer rating and limit utilisation
  • Management of "special cases" in the risk-relevant area

3) The decision on the credit application is automatically reported back to the customer portal.

The credit decision, including the collection of information, can be made in less than 15 seconds! The prerequisite here is that the required external data is available and the quality of the information is sufficiently good.

Automate credit decisions flexibly

We would be happy to show you live how exactly decision-making processes can be modelled so that you can fully map your credit policy and adjust it at any time.

Let's arrange a demo appointment!

Leasing software for credit risk management

Our Leasing System Software CAM Financial Services provides a fully integrable software solution that paves a secure path to growth and success.

About the Author
Robert Meters

Robert Meters is Director of Global Business at SCHUMANN. He studied Business Administration and International Management at the University for Economics and Management in Düsseldorf and Essen. He has been in the credit risk management industry since 1993 and has worked for leading information service providers as well as in the telecommunications industry.

He advises and takes care of customers in the automation of credit risk management for the financial services sector with excellent references in leasing, factoring, banking and trade credit insurance.

Director of Global Business, SCHUMANN

Meters Robert