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Digital Balance Sheet Analysis Indispensable for hagebau Headquarters

With the help of FINOYO, it is possible for the headquarters to analyse around 900 annual reports each year and evaluate the economic situation of the shareholders' companies.
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20.11.2019, Martina Hammer

Digital Balance Sheet Analysis Indispensable for hagebau Headquarters

The hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1964 by a group of 34 building material suppliers and today has over 1,730 locations with its 360 shareholder companies. It has 1,462 employees in eight countries. The hagebau Group offers its shareholders in retail and wholesale a wide range of services and supports them in all areas of their business activity.

By taking over the credit risk function for shareholders, the headquarters now carries a large part of the business risk. In order to assess this risk correctly at any time and to react without delay, but also to advise the various shareholders optimally in their business activities, the hagebau Group decided to introduce FINOYO, the tool for the preparation of standardized balance sheets and the comparison of key figures.

Analysis of 900 Annual Financial Statements per Year

Using FINOYO, it is possible for the headquarters to analyse around 900 annual reports each year and correctly evaluate the economic situation of the shareholders' companies taking into account further data such as creditworthiness reports. For this purpose, hagebau's own ratings are calculated and stored in the system. These measures enable a risk classification of the entire portfolio and form the basis for the setting of individual conditions.

With the integrated module Benchmarks & Peer Groups, it is also possible to carry out extensive comparisons on the basis of flexible criteria and thereby make use of valuable, available data effectively. In consultations the shareholders receive an in-depth, professional insight into their financial situation, on the basis of which they are able to determine options for action.

Project Requirements:

  • Automatic creation of a credit-check report as a basis for decision-making
  • Creation of an individual rating
  • Standardized compilation of balance sheets and target figures as well as the derivation of diverse key figures
  • Commenting on and providing an opinion on the financial situation and the risk; determination of recommendations for action
  • Implementation of the benchmark module

The Customer Says:

"For us, digital balance sheet analysis has become an indispensable instrument for the analysis of the current and future financial position of our shareholders. We benefit from this in two ways: in our function as advisers, the insights obtained allow us to offer our shareholders high-quality, reliable advice, which supports them in understanding their position in the market and the industry, and in deciding on the necessary measures. Furthermore, it is important for us as the headquarters to keep all credit risks constantly in view and always to have a grip on our business risk. With Financial Analysis we have a tool that can do both."

- Ingolf Schneider, Head of Finances at hagebau headquarters -

We Are Looking Forward to Your Inquiry!

With the financial analysis software FINOYO you can compile balance sheets using individually customizable compilation schemes or completely automate the compilation process by using the XBRL format or interfaces to the German Federal Gazette. In particular, the standardization and the suitability for later review and auditing provide clear advantages. Save time and benefit from professional balance sheet analysis software!

About the Author
Martina Hammer

As Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Martina Hammer manages the organization and coordination of the marketing team.

She studied media and communication sciences and has been responsible for national and international press and corporate communications at SCHUMANN.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, SCHUMANN

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