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Interview with Simon Barker

What are MGAs and what are their market opportunities and challenges? Simon Barker, Director of Nexus Europe, gives a short introduction in the interview with SCHUMANN.

Discussion about MGAs and MGAs Trends

MGAs have an increasing role in the credit, surety and political risk world. This panel will examine the world of MGAs, including: How does an MGA differ from a typical insurance company?

  • What advantages does an MGA have compared to other types of insurance company?
  • Is innovation more likely to come from an MGA than from large traditional insurer?
  • What role does technology have for MGAs?
  • What are the disadvantages of an MGA compared to a typical insurance
  • company?
  • Is an MGA a good vehicle for credit, surety and political risk, and will their share of the business increase?

For a sneak peek of the panel with Simon Barker at the SCHUMANN conference 2022, please check out this video.