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Video: Forecasting the liquidity of business partners

The simulated updating of financial statements offers an ideal opportunity to immediately forecast the liquidity of business partners, taking into account current circumstances.

FINOYO - Financial statement analysis tool with liquidity simulation

Which customers can pay their invoices on time? Which suppliers ensure their ability to deliver? The liquidity of business partners provides direct information on whether your own company has to prepare for delays in payment or delivery difficulties, for example. Those who recognise impending bottlenecks among business partners in good time can react quickly.

With FINOYO, our software for financial analysis, you can immediately simulate current circumstances such as plant closures or slumps in sales to the economic development of your business partners.

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The FINOYO balance sheet analysis software helps you to get through these difficult times as unscathed as possible! The liquidity forecast function allows you to update past balance sheet information and create different scenarios regarding the economic development of your business partners.

Make balance sheets from 2019 usable again and receive a reliable assessment of your suppliers' ability to deliver and the solvency of your customers!

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Bilanzanalyse mit FINOYO

FINOYO is the SaaS solution for digital financial statement analysis: Assess the financial stability of your business partners accurately and automatically.
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