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What Do Clients Expect from a Modern Surety Company?

Customers of surety insurers expect a variety of surety products and services. So, what should surety insurers provide to their clients? Read what Miriam Löffler has to say about it.
Blog Post, Credit & Surety
08.05.2024, Miriam Löffler

The Requirements for Surety Insurers

The surety business plays an important role in providing financial security and protection against potential losses in a variety of industries. Clients expect a surety company to provide a range of surety products and services that are tailored to meet their specific needs, as well as to provide knowledgeable and responsive customer service.

In addition to these more traditional expectations, clients may also expect a modern surety company to offer digital services and tools that make it easier to do business with them. As customers are already accustomed to using digital services and platforms in their daily lives, they expect a similar level of digitalisation and ease of use. Digital platforms or portals are a convenient way for customers to do business with a surety company, as they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, and from any device with an internet connection. Portals are used to provide more streamlined processes for submitting and managing surety-related information and activities. This can include activities such as real-time tracking of agreement status and the submission of new agreement applications, documents, and claims. To ensure high levels of customer adoption and satisfaction, these digital channels to the surety business must have an intuitive user interface.

Portals also allow clients to provide underwriters with all the information they need in a structured way. When integrated into a coherent underwriting system using workflow processes, new bonds can be issued more quickly or even automatically. The provision of a bond or guarantee in a single instance can be of great value to surety clients and a unique selling point for a surety company.

In short: Clients expect digital and easy-to-use tools and processes from a modern surety company. SCHUMANN is your partner with a powerful solution to meet these expectations. With our Surety Portal your clients and partners can get the information they need and take action on their agreements in in a modern and easy to use self-service environment, anytime, anywhere.

Surety Portal: The Way to a Digital and Automated Customer Experience for your Surety Business

  • All agreement information and actions for your customers and partners on one platform
  • Modern design in your corporate identity with an intuitive user interface and mobile enabled
  • Access for different user groups with their own roles and permissions (e.g., customers, brokers, employees)
  • Automated bond issuance with CAM Surety connectivity and workflow integration
  • Your customers and partners can...
    • view their active, requested as well as historical agreements including detailed information
    • apply for new surety agreements in a structured way (facilities, bonds, and single risks)
    • request changes to existing surety agreements
    • upload and download documents and invoices
    • create agreement reports in Excel format on their own
    • receive notifications of changes to agreements and other events

Our Surety Portal is a win-win-win solution for everyone involved: Your clients, your partners and yourself.

About the Author
Miriam Löffler

As a product owner, the studied business administrator is responsible for the development of the standard software CAM Surety. With their work, she and her team, design the software to sustain the processes in your daily business and proactively involve you as a driving force – with focus on our product to enable success!

Product Owner Surety, SCHUMANN

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