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2021 brings another turnover record with 12.5 million euros

Pleasing results: With a further increase in turnover, we were able to demonstrate stability and growth in the second year of the Corona pandemic and are optimistic about the future.
28.02.2022, Martina Hammer

2021 the most successful year so far

For the year 2021, the Göttingen-based software company SCHUMANN once again achieved excellent results. With a further increase in turnover to around 12.5 million euros, the company demonstrated stability and growth, despite the second year of the corona pandemic, and is looking optimistically into the future.

With its expertise and specialization in the digitalization of business processes and early warning of risks, the company is helping its numerous customers from all over the world to position themselves securely. The importance and future orientation of this sector are clearly shown by the increasing international demand. Managing Director Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann commented: "In order to increase our proximity to customers and the market, in autumn 2021 we founded our subsidiary SCHUMANN International Ltd. in London."

Press release: Annual review 2021

Commitment to employees

Parallel to making further investments in equipping the staff for remote work, SCHUMANN puts a value on the office as an important place for meeting and exchanging experiences. "We made a conscious decision, against the trend, to make enormous investments in office buildings and in 2021 we moved into 3200 m2 of space in the urban quarter at the GVZ Göttingen. Many of the staff are fed up with working from home and are pleased to have more personal contact with their colleagues and a greater separation of professional and private life", explained Städtler-Schumann.

Thanks to the modern and generously laid out offices on the edge of the Göttingen town centre it is possible for SCHUMANN to observe the necessary safety measures, such as maintaining distance between people and hygiene procedures. In order to reduce the risk of infection further, in addition to masks and test kits the company has made available a large number of air cleaning devices.

Staff growth

As well as achieving a new turnover record of more than 12 million euros, SCHUMANN also grew enormously in terms of personnel. The company now employs around 200 people and compared with the industry average it is noticeable that an above-average proportion of young people are employed. The average age is only 35 years, the industry average is 42 years.

The percentage of women even increased slightly in comparison with the previous year and is now 23.6%, more than 6% higher than the average. The need for specialist staff at the software and consulting company continues to be high.

Flexible worktime models

For its employees, SCHUMANN provides flexible working-time models. For the family firm from Lower Saxony, "the compatibility of career and family is an important principle" declared Städtler-Schumann. Furthermore, every employee has the possibility to work from home or in a co-working space outside Göttingen. This will continue in the time after the pandemic.

There are also numerous offers of sport, training programmes and recently also a "Gaming Corner". For the company's numerous events, the rooftop terrace of the new office building, with its views across the city, provides an ideal location.

Outlook for the future – anniversary and growth

SCHUMANN has a lot of plans for 2022. This year the company can look back on 25 years of success. It was on 11th February 1997 that the documents were signed to found the company and the exciting journey of the marriage partners and company founders Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann and Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann began. To celebrate this anniversary the company is planning multiple events during the year that will look back on the success story and provide impulses for the future.

The next success has already been achieved: the ISO 9001 certification. The annual external audit proved that "SCHUMANN lives quality management", said the Managing Director Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann. The transparency of the communication, the close cooperation with the customers and continual project reviews were especially emphasised.

"Over the years, we have been able to prove that our competences reflect the requirements of the future. Even after the end of the pandemic, digitalization and credit management will continue to play an ever-greater role – and we will help companies with the realization", summarized Städtler-Schumann.

About the Author
Martina Hammer

As Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Martina Hammer manages the organization and coordination of the marketing team.

She studied media and communication sciences and has been responsible for national and international press and corporate communications at SCHUMANN.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, SCHUMANN

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