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International Credit Risk Management Conference on September 27, 2022

Speakers coming from the national and international customer and partner base of the company will discuss new solutions for digitalization in credit management for insurance companies, financial service providers & industry and trade companies.
07.09.2022, Martina Hammer

Expert Knowledge, How-to-Strategies and Inspiration on all Aspects of Digital Credit Risk Management

On September 27, 2022, SCHUMANN will host an online conference on digital credit risk management. Speakers from the company's national and international customer and partner base will discuss new solutions for digitalization in credit risk management for insurance companies, financial service providers & industrial and trade companies. Participation is free of charge.

The economic shocks are currently enormous: rising energy prices, inflation, material shortages and a lack of labor with approaches to wage-price spirals are leading to weakening future expectations in various industries, and in some cases there is even talk of recessionary threats to the economy. What consequences does this have for the business of one's own company, existing credit lines, supplier and customer credits and how should companies position themselves now? "To answer these questions, our conference offers exciting insights and valuable suggestions," knows Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann, Managing Director of SCHUMANN. She is certain: "Automated processes are the decisive competitive advantage, because they make companies, banks and insurance companies faster and, above all, more adaptable and resilient."

Consequently, the international SCHUMANN conference in September will focus precisely on these topics. Through two parallel channels, one in German, one in English, the conference will cover a broad spectrum of industries and interests. Panel discussions, speeches and presentations will focus on the following topics:

  • How-to-strategies and best practices for dealing with the current economic situation
  • Current challenges and approaches to solutions in various industries, such as factoring, industry and wholesale, or credit and surety insurance

The SCHUMANN Digital Credit Management conference will take place as a virtual event via live stream. Städtler-Schumann explains: "We decided to once again focus on the concept of an online event because it gives many more interested parties the opportunity to participate. In particular, international participants can also benefit from a cross-national and cross-industry exchange."

Representatives of major companies, platforms and associations such as Atradius, BPL Global, DZB BANK, FCI, ICISA, ITFA, Nexus Europe, Rhenus Assets & Services, TigerRisk Partners, TRUMPF Financial Service, Pernix Speciality have already confirmed active participation.

The SCHUMANN conference is aimed at decision-makers and practitioners responsible for corporate development and processes in credit management. Interested parties can find the agenda and an opportunity to register for the SCHUMANN Conference Digital Credit Risk Management on September 27, 2022 here:

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Lara Biermann

As Head of Sales Credit & Surety at SCHUMANN Lara Biermann is advising and supporting international credit risk insurer and surety bond provider in digitizing and automating their risk and business process management.

She studied business administration focused on finance, accounting and taxes and supervises international credit and surety insurance companies while implementing CAM Credit & Surety.

Head of Sales Credit & Surety, SCHUMANN

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