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SCHUMANN founds subsidiary in London, UK

We are expanding our international activities and have founded a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, SCHUMANN International Ltd.
08.12.2021, Martina Hammer

A platform for the next phase of our growth

We are expanding our international activities and have founded a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, SCHUMANN International Ltd. We have been growing our customer base in the London market for some years now, and this latest step consolidates on that growth and provides a platform for the next phase of our growth internationally.

The opening of the new subsidiary is a vote of confidence in the continuing importance of the London market internationally, and it will enable us to be even closer to our international clients, whether London based or otherwise. The new company is represented by Mike Holley, Robert Meters, Stefan Schubert and Martina Städtler-Schumann as Directors. Over the coming months other members of staff will join our new London office.

We already have many international customers, and our software solutions are used in around 40 countries worldwide. “The demand from international companies for our solutions is increasing. The establishment of this subsidiary is now a logical development,” explains Robert Meters, Director of SCHUMANN International Ltd. With our solutions, we offer modern software for credit and surety insurers, financial service providers and large corporates. “All these players come together in the financial marketplace of London, which is very convenient for us, especially since our solutions are also used at the interface processes of these companies and can thus enable continuous end-to-end processes,” continues Robert Meters.

Digitalisation of business processes and early risk warning for credit insurance and surety companies, brokers, export credit agencies and financial institutions are our core products and competencies. These are increasingly in demand, especially through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Companies from all sectors and all countries want to move forward into the post pandemic world with confidence, and the possibilities of digitalisation in credit management offer great opportunities for this, regardless of whether one is an insurer, a financial service provider or an industrial and trading company. “The subsidiary SCHUMANN International Ltd will be our permanent representation in the financial markets of London. We look forward to expanding our international business and enabling companies to succeed through the digitalisation of credit management processes,” concludes Martina Städtler-Schumann, Managing Director and founder of the parent company SCHUMANN in Germany.

Press release: SCHUMANN founds subsidiary in UK
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Martina Hammer

As Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Martina Hammer manages the organization and coordination of the marketing team.

She studied media and communication sciences and has been responsible for national and international press and corporate communications at SCHUMANN.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, SCHUMANN

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