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SCHUMANN holds international Credit Risk Management Conference

Speakers from national and international customer and partner companies will discuss new solutions for digitalization in credit risk management for insurance companies, financial service providers & industrial and trading companies.

Strategies for digitizing credit risk management

On 30 September 2021 the consultancy and software company SCHUMANN will once again hold its online conference on the theme of digital credit risk management. Participation is free of charge.

The economic changes caused by the corona pandemic are enormous, but whilst some industries are suffering under the developments, others have profited. For this reason, credit managers need to look closely at which industries their customers and suppliers are active in and how the liquidity has developed in these sectors.

"To answer these questions, it is worthwhile making full use of digitalization in credit risk management and pushing forward automation of processes. Our conference offers interesting insights on this, based on practical experience in companies", said Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann, Managing Director of Prof. Schumann GmbH. She is sure that: "Digitalized processes provide a decisive competitive advantage because they make companies, banks and insurers faster and more robust."

The international SCHUMANN Conference in September will therefore focus on exactly these themes. On two parallel channels, one in German and one in English, the conference will cover a broad spectrum of interests. The following questions will be dealt with in panel discussions, talks and presentations:

  • Which new solutions are there?
  • How can companies realize their digitalization strategies in practical terms?
  • Which methods and techniques are insurance companies, financial service providers & industrial and trading companies using during the corona pandemic?

This year's SCHUMANN Digital Credit Risk Management Conference will again take place as a virtual live-stream event. Städtler-Schumann explains: "This makes it possible for us to gain more international experts as speakers. Born out of necessity last year, this is a positive consequence of the corona pandemic for us because exchanging information across countries and industries is enormously enriching and the diversity of participants is very important."

Representatives of large companies, platforms and associations such as abcfinance, Aurubis, Atradius Deutschland, BFS finance GmbH, Canopius Group, Dun & Bradstreet Europe, FCI, ICISA, km Credit Consulting, MeinAuto Group AG, Peter Cremer Holding GmbH & Co. KG and Zurich Gruppe Deutschland have already agreed to make an active contribution.

The conference thereby enables a deep insight into a wide range of industries and countries. The potential of digital solutions will be a major theme as well as current developments such as the new Supply Chain Act.

The SCHUMANN Conference is aimed at decision-makers and those in practical positions who are responsible for company development and processes in credit risk management. The agenda and the registration form for the SCHUMANN Conference can be found here: SCHUMANN Digital Credit Risk Management Conference.

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