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SCHUMANN “Best Equal Opportunity Tech Employer Europe 2020”

SCHUMANN receives award for Best Technical Employer for Equal Opportunities Europe 2020 - this was decided by the jury of, the English business magazine.
16.12.2020, Martina Hammer

Equal opportunities and growth possibilities at SCHUMANN

We are delighted to have been recognised by the judging panel as 'Best Equal Opportunity Tech Employer Europe 2020'. The award recognises our special efforts to provide all employees equally with all the means to develop their skills and grow within the company.

The news about the award reached us at the beginning of December 2020. The British business magazine, based in London, gives this award annually after an intensive selection procedure. The decision of the jury stated: "SCHUMANN promises all its employees equal opportunities and provides them with the necessary resources to develop their capabilities and to grow within the business. The company invests a lot of time and resources in promoting a company culture that supports team spirit and equal opportunities and the jurors from believe that the company's initiatives are the right ones."

Respectful Corporate Culture

So that equal opportunities works, valuing each other is at the core of our company culture. "To me, valuing each other means that enough trust is placed in each employee so that within the framework of his projects he can make his own decisions that lead to the best solution for the customer", said Managing Director Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann, describing her perspective. To give employees the confidence to make their own decisions, we have a solution-orientated mistakes culture. "No one likes to make mistakes but they still happen. In such situations we don't point fingers, we ask the question why and where the necessary information was not available to the person concerned ", explained Städtler-Schumann. Good, innovative ideas can best be developed when there is room for these ideas to unfold. Whenever you try new things, there is always the possibility that they will fail. "We learn from these experiences and they make us even better", Städtler-Schumann is convinced.

Diverse development opportunities and benefits

There are many opportunities for development for the business analysts, consultants and software developers at the company: for example the classical advancement to Project Leader. The projects are extremely variable – from short projects at smaller companies right up to many years of interaction with international company groups. The other sort of development goes into deep expertise. Employees can specialize in particular themes and then use their know-how in different projects.

The need for qualified employees continues to be high. We offer our staff flexible working hours and a multifaceted company sport programme including, for example, yoga and a running group. There is also a comprehensive internal training programme. Städtler-Schumann explains: "We find it important to support the individual development of every single employee. Further development and the realization of personal capabilities and talent form the foundation of our personnel strategy. Our staff are the basis of our success. We have been following this strategy for years, so I'm really pleased that our efforts have been recognized by the jury."

Career at SCHUMANN

On our career pages, interested parties can find more information about working at SCHUMANN as well as our current vacancies.

Press release

Read our press release on the Best Equal Opportunity Tech Employer Europe 2020 Award here.

About the Author
Martina Hammer

As Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Martina Hammer manages the organization and coordination of the marketing team.

She studied media and communication sciences and has been responsible for national and international press and corporate communications at SCHUMANN.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, SCHUMANN

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