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SCHUMANN develops software climate-neutral with immediate effect

From now on, we compensate all our emissions which cannot be reduced or avoided by cooperating with an external partner and thus offset our CO2 footprint.
02.05.2022, Martina Hammer

SCHUMANN offsets CO2 footprint

For the future, the software company is focusing on sustainable growth. At the location in Göttingen, climate-neutral software will be developed with immediate effect every year by offsetting all emissions that cannot be further reduced or avoided with an external partner. Additionally, the company is planting 2,500 trees regionally on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

From now on, the family-owned company from Lower Saxony wants to take even more responsibility for the future of coming generations and make its contribution to climate protection. The company offsets CO2 emissions that cannot be further reduced or avoided by collaborating with its partner "PRIMAKLIMA".

Offsetting unavoidable emissions

Unfortunately, the great majority of companies are not able to operate without any CO2 emissions. This also affects SCHUMANN as a software development and consulting company. In everyday operations, for example, heating and electricity consumption as well as business travel increase the ecological footprint. "We have recognized this problem for some time and developed various solutions at an early stage to save emissions or even avoid them altogether," explains Managing Director Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann. For example, all equipment is Energy Star certified and almost half of the employees are equipped with a BahnCard, green electricity tariffs have been switched to, and even the gas arrives at the buildings from the manufacturer in a climate-neutral manner. Furthermore, many business trips have been replaced by virtual meetings, and the company's flexible home office arrangement also means that emissions can be saved on the way to work. In order to make the commute to work generally less emission-intensive, SCHUMANN also offers its employees the option of leasing a bicycle, the cost of which is shared by the company.

But whatever cannot be avoided entirely, the company would like to compensate for with the help of an external climate partner. For this purpose, SCHUMANN has measured its annual CO2 consumption in cooperation with external consultants and joined the non-profit association "PRIMAKLIMA". With its help, the software company will offset its remaining CO2 footprint through compensation. "PRIMAKLIMA" is concerned with the worldwide reforestation and maintenance of biodiverse habitats in order to promote the global ecosystem and protect forests that are important for the microclimate.

Regional tree planting campaign

Alongside the goal of climate neutrality, the company has taken up another cause on the occasion of its 25th anniversary: Together with its regional partner "Göpflanzt", SCHUMANN employees will be planting trees this fall, with the company donating a total of 2,500. This project focuses on reforesting the spruce stands in the Solling region of southern Lower Saxony, which have collapsed due to storm damage and deforestation, by planting deciduous trees.

Managing Director Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann on the plans for climate neutrality: "For 25 years, we have stood for sustainable growth - for ourselves and for our customers. In the next quarter of a century, we will continue to take responsibility as an innovative and driving company in the industry. In the future, also for upcoming generations. We are proud to announce that we can now produce our software solutions at our Göttingen sites in a climate-neutral manner."

Press release: SCHUMANN develops software climate-neutral
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As Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Martina Hammer manages the organization and coordination of the marketing team.

She studied media and communication sciences and has been responsible for national and international press and corporate communications at SCHUMANN.

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